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Trevor is a teenager and an airsoft player who appears in the Season Twenty-Five episode "Help, My Teenager Hates Me!".


The boys participate in an airsoft match with a group of teenagers. In the match, the boys are split between two factions, with Kyle being paired with Trevor. Following the match, Kyle invites Trevor to his house to clean their airsoft guns together. However, as Trevor arrives, he begins behaving strangely, flipping his mother who was dropping him off, slouching on the sofa to watch TV, and demanding some food.

Kyle is forced to miss much of the boys' second airsoft match, as he has to accompany Trevor to the grocery store to get the latter some hair products. Trevor, with his head resting on the shopping trolley, gets uncooperative with Kyle.

In the final match, Trevor makes a deal with the boys that they will stay out of the teenagers' lives if they win. The teenagers, however, would eventually be defeated by the boys, who receive help from their parents as well as Jimbo.


Trevor has short, messy brown hair, a large nose, some pimples on his forehead and under the nose, and wears dental braces. In airsoft matches, he wears a black sweater, camouflage pants, and brown boots, equipped with airsoft safety gear such as a green vest, a pair of gloves, and kneepads.

While camping and in the grocery store, he wears a red sweater and hoodie.



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