Travis Mayfield is a head louse who lived in Clyde's hair in "Lice Capades".


Travis was married to Kelly Mayfield. Shown to be some kind of researcher, he tells everyone in his lice colony that they have to move elsewhere because the "world" has become aware of them, but is ignored.

Travis, along with his unborn baby Hope, another female louse, and the Vice President go to "the forbidden zone", the back of Clyde's neck. When they reach "The Forbidden Zone" the vice president shoots the female in the head and shoots Travis in the leg. He then reveals his plan to go back, rebuild and become President. However, the Vice President dies when he shoots Clyde's neck with his gun, prompting Clyde to reach back and flick him away.

Travis is eventually saved by a fly that takes him to live with a population of pubic lice in Angelina Jolie's pubic hair.


Being a louse, Travis has six limbs, each ending in a claw and opposing thumb; four limbs are used as hands and the last two are used as hind legs when standing upright. He has a thorax that is separated into several fused segments and a separate abdomen. He has two antennae, a full head of black hair and eyebrows, and a pair of pincer-like mouth parts.


Travis Mayfield is shown to be very loving and caring towards his family. His loyalty towards his family is shown even more when another louse tried to get into a relationship with him, he replied "Sorry, babe, but my heart is forever stenciled in permanent ink with the name Kelly." He is also shown to be very heroic as he will journey into "The Forbidden Zone" to find another "planet".


  • Travis' story is very similar to the origins of Superman, where like Superman's father, Jor-El, Travis tries to warn his people that their existence is doom, but dismissed. Also, like Jor-El, Travis only has his wife and newborn child who trust his beliefs. Travis' hair is also similar to Superman's iconic look.
  • It is revealed he has a last name, Mayfield, when the Vice President Greg ordered him to be escorted out.

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