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  • Stan's final lines "Sue me, I dare you!" was an actual in-show threat by the creators who are daring Scientologists to sue them for mocking their 'religion'. The Church of Scientology has a well-known history of suing their critics, including lawsuits in the UK (thus the line "We'll sue you in England!"). Defamation laws in England & Wales are extremely plaintiff-friendly: once a plaintiff has proven that a statement could potentially affect his or her reputation, the defendant must prove the truth of the claim on a balance of probabilities.
  • R. Kelly actually made a series of videos called "Trapped in the Closet".
  • In the end credits, every person is shown as John Smith or Jane Smith - another jab at Scientology's litigious nature.
  • Chef, voiced by Isaac Hayes, does not appear in this episode. Hayes, a Scientologist, left before the planned re-run of this episode, allegedly because of his displeasure with it. His only comments were given by a Scientology spokesperson. At that time, Fox News columnist Roger Friedman reported that the real reason Hayes left was because of an alleged stroke and that he was not in a condition to quit on his own.
  • The planned re-run of this episode was pulled, according to rumor, because Tom Cruise threatened to pull his support for Mission Impossible III (Comedy Central is part of Viacom, which also owns Paramount Pictures). Comedy Central said that the episode was pulled in order to do a tribute to actor Hayes after his announcement. The episode has since re-aired.
  • One of the aliens seen being frozen by Xenu is a Marklar.
  • At the beginning of this episode, one can see a sign that reads "Twin Pines Plaza", this may be a reference to the "Twin Pines Mall" from Back to the Future.
  • The 'personality test' given to Stan is made up of 'Barnum Statements'. These are statements that are deliberately designed to be as general as possible but appear to be incredibly specific to the person reading them. These are frequently used in superstitious fields such as astrology or fortune telling.
  • Surprisingly, South Park makes the real Xenu story less ridiculous! Eliminating the attempted overthrowing, the fake tax interpretations, the dose of alcohol and glycerol, the electronic wave traps, the Teegeack wind, and the fate of Xenu afterwards. In fact, some scientologists don't even believe that the Xenu story is real!
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