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For the episode of the same name, see Towelie.

Towelie is a talking towel who was genetically engineered by Tynacorp, in order to allow him to make people as dry as necessary depending on the situation. He first appeared in the Season Five episode, "Towelie".

He is usually seen either appearing out of nowhere to give towel advice to the citizens of South Park or getting high. The theme song from Popeye plays whenever Towelie gets high.


Towelie is said to be 17 in towel years in "Professor Chaos", although how many actual years a "towel year" is worth is unknown. In "Crippled Summer", he had agreed to do an intervention. He also has been working at Lake Tardicaca and has been warned for getting high 14 times. His name (Spelled in Towelie) as TOWELYEY, though he was probably high at the time of spelling it so the legitimacy of this spelling is hard to conform.

Towelie was addicted to marijuana, crystal meth, and crack cocaine, and tried using heroin and inhaling computer duster. Towelie has been sober since April 26, 2010. However, in "Tegridy Farms", it is implied that he may be using marijuana again since he took a job at the Marsh family's hemp farm, which might be the result of the events of South Park: The Fractured But Whole which reference his rehab, but is seen getting high multiple times after his boss fight, where he is calmed by setting the store's weed stock on fire.


Although the creators of South Park intentionally made Towelie a terrible character, he gained a huge amount of popularity. After his initial appearance, he took on parts, usually cameos, in other episodes. In spite of this, he is regarded as "the worst character ever" by other characters within the show.



Towelie is probably best described as a light blue towel with arms, legs, and an anthropomorphic face. He also wears tiny yellow shoes. He has a high-pitched voice with an apparent slight southern accent. His eyes become visibly bloodshot when he gets high. In "Crippled Summer", he is shown crumpled and burnt at the edges, due to his drug addiction.

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Towelie clearly wants to get high at all times; he doesn't hesitate to get high in public and suggesting the kids and everyone to get high as well. He prefers smoking weed but often (as in "Crippled Summer") uses crack and/or meth and other drugs possibly. When he is not high he gets in an awful mood and can become rude. On such occasions where he is out of dope and money, he prostitutes himself to old men by providing oral sex in exchange for money in order to buy more drugs and get high again.

Despite the fact he is an addict, he is genuinely a mild persona often exhibiting sensitivity and kindness. He seldom becomes aggressive and usually due to being out of dope, or when people throw away his dope either by accident or to protect him. Towelie is also, by nature, very caring of others. He saved the boys' lives in his debut and constantly reminds people to use towels after getting wet so as not to catch a cold. Towelie's love for his son was the driving force behind him getting clean.


Towelie's girlfriend, Rebecca, and his son, Washcloth.

Towelie is shown in the episode "Crippled Summer" to have a family. It consists of his girlfriend named Rebecca, whose face was blurred out, and their son together, named Washcloth.

Rebecca kicked Towelie out for being a bad influence on their son, preventing him from speaking to Washcloth when he was high. The boys use Washcloth as an incentive to get Towelie to get treatment. Towelie, Rebecca, and Washcloth later moved back in together after Towelie kicked his addiction.


  • Towelie: "You wanna get high?" from "Towelie"
  • Towelie: "That's my last joint, asshole!" from "Towelie"
  • Towelie: "Oh man, why is everyone riding me today? God damn it." from "Towelie"
  • Towelie: "Oh man, I'm so high right now, I have no idea what's going on." from "Towelie"
  • Eric Cartman: "You're the worst character ever, Towelie."
    Towelie: "I know." from "Towelie"
  • Towelie: "You're stupid!"
    Eric Cartman: "Yeah, and you're a towel!"
    Towelie: "You're a towel!" from "Towelie"
  • Towelie: "Don't forget to bring a towel!" from "Towelie"
  • Towelie: "Go away, I'm walkin' on sunshine." from "Crippled Summer"
  • Towelie: "Then say it! Say "Fuck the Chinese government!" from "Shots!!!"


  • According to the Tynacorp commander, Towelie's real name is "Smart Towel RG-400".
  • After both Muhammad controversies in the series, "Cartoon Wars Part I"/"Cartoon Wars Part II" and "200"/"201", a Towelie episode airs the week after.
  • Even though they never met him on screen before "Crippled Summer", Butters Stotch and Clyde Donovan both seem to know him somehow.
  • Although Towelie is revealed to be male in "Crippled Summer", he wears a woman's swimsuit in "Professor Chaos".
  • Towelie has an evil counterpart, a weaponized smart towel named GS-401.
  • In the canceled Playstation 2/Xbox/Gamecube sequel, a texture of Towelie with no face appears in the files.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Although Towelie does not appear in person in the game, he briefly appears on one of the loading screens.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Towelie appears in Medicinal Fried Fiasco, as a budtender at the Medicinal Fried Chicken, having given up getting high. The New Kid must get Classi's prescription from him.

However, Towelie has become easily enraged due to the loss of drugs, for a trivial reason, he engaged in combat with the New Kid and the Coon. After the kids managed to burn the weed piles in the store, Towelie calmed down and gave the kids what they wanted.

Towelie can also be seen as an assistance provider in the Towelie: Your Gaming Bud downloadable content.

South Park: Phone Destroyer


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