Towelie Your Gaming Bud is a downloadable content pack for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It was released along with the main game on October 17, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and it was free for people who preordered the game.[1] It was also released on Nintendo Switch on April 24, 2018, along with The Fractured But Whole video game.


The DLC provides assistance to players at key locations throughout the game.

All Appearances and Quotes

Work in Progress

  • Your House when you leave your bathroom at the start of the game.
    • "Hey look, you’ve brought a towel. Hey man, I'm Towelie, your gaming bud. I'm going to give some tips from time to time, because well, who doesn't love tips, right? All right then. I'll see you later."
  • Cartman's house when you get into the basement.
    • "It seems like anything with a gold handle can be opened - give it a shot!"
  • Find and open Cartman's journal and gain code to his basement.
    • "That's a key item! Maybe that means it's important!"
  • Go into any bathroom for the first time.
    • "Hooooowdy-ho, gaming bud! When you enter a bathroom, don't be shy about taking a potty break. You can get some neat stuff when you use the toilet! Good luck, bud!"
  • Close Coonstagram for the first time.
    • "COONstagram can be fun. Check it out sometime!"
  • During the fight with Bartles.
    • "Sixth graders are the most unhygienic kids on the planet. You don't even wanna know what they do with their towels"
  • Enter kitchen of Marsh Residence.
    • "Hey there, I'm Towelie, your gaming bud. Remember, when snooping around someone's house, always check their refrigerator. There's always some good shit to steal in the frig."
  • Leave Kyle's room after a fight with his evil alter-ego.
    • Hey there, I'm Towelie. when you visit people's houses, don't be shy about opening their drawers, cabinets, and doors... Hey, look, that one has a gold handle!"
  • In Cartman's basement after you learn about artifacts
    • "Artifacts are a big part of what makes you strong, bud! It's a good idea to try and match your Artifacts with the kinds of powers you use in battle. See ya next tip."
  • Pass near the podium where few Sixth Graders are waiting for you.
    • "Hey there, gaming bud! You can use your Snap N Pops to ignite things like fireworks - give it a try!"
  • During a fight with pedophilic priests in South Park Church.
    • "Whoa, that priest likes a kid a whole lot. You don't wanna to get caught in his hug! You might really need a towel then." [laughs a little]
  • In your house when you sneak out during the first night.
    • "Don't forget you can use your Snap N Pops to knock things down. See ya, bud!"

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