The Tourette's Tolerance and Understanding Foundation is a support group for people with Tourette's Syndrome, which was seen in the Season Eleven episode "Le Petit Tourette".


The South Park branch of the organization is run by a man called Mr. Donaldson. He took Kyle Broflovski to the organization to meet and talk to people with Tourette's after Kyle protested that Cartman was faking having the condition. There, Kyle met several other afflicted children, as well as Thomas, who later helped him expose Cartman's charade.




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Thomas has a light yellow shirt with green stripes and dark green trousers. He has dark blonde hair and faint bags under his eyes. Thomas suffers from regular outbursts of swear words, primarily "cock" and "shit," wherever he may be, which is not helped by his mother who tries to integrate him into society when he has a series of outbursts in a toy shop.

Mr. Donaldson

Mr. Donaldson

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Mr. Donaldson has short, brown hair. He wears a white shirt under a brown suit, a green tie, and dark gray pants. As a sufferer of Tourette's himself, he has his own verbal tic - randomly saying the words "piss" and "ass" (particularly spouting things about things going in or out of his ass). He also seems very devoted to teaching others about Tourette's syndrome, even to the point of ignoring any evidence that someone would be faking it, as well as claiming that anyone who thinks otherwise is a "bully".

Teen Boy


This unnamed boy has dark, messy orange hair and is taller than the other kids. He wears a gray hoodie with the sleeves up, dark blue pants, gray socks and black shoes. He was seen shaking his head quickly sideways while making a strange noise.

Blonde Girl


This unnamed girl has short blond hair, black eyebrows and is the second tallest of the children with Tourette. She wears a pink dress with purple details and purple shoes. She is usually seen tilting her head to the right and snapping her fingers.

Girl with Brown Hair


This unnamed girl has short brown hair and thin black eyebrows. She wears a red short-sleeved shirt with white details, a pale green skirt and black shoes. She also wears a pink bowtie on the right side of her hair. She is usually seen shaking her head and making a strange sound.

Brown-Haired Boy with Glasses


This unnamed boy has messy brown hair and wears a short-sleeved gray shirt with a right side pocket, beige pants and black shoes. He also wears a black glasses with yellow details.

Brown Haired Boy in Green Shirt


This unnamed boy has long brown hair, a small mouth and rather pale eyes. He wears a dark green coat with two pockets, a dark green collar, gray pants and black shoes.

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