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Tony the Tiger is the mascot of Frosted Flakes, appearing in South Park: The End of Obesity.


Tony the Tiger was part of a group of cereal mascots, having run a successful business in the sugar industry. The news of the boys making affordable weight-loss drugs on their own reaches the group, with Tony the Tiger proclaiming to destroy their trade. The mascots posed themselves as a militant group and carried out a shooting at a semaglutide factory in India, with Tony the Tiger assuming the role of a spokesperson, promoting self-esteem and body positivity in an anonymous message.

The mascots deployed themselves to a truck loaded with semaglutides on the way to South Park, with the intention of destroying the supply. During the chase, Tony the Tiger held himself just outside the truck, throwing Kenny out of the truck and killing him as a result. Tony the Tiger, however, was shot by an unknown source soon after.


Tony the Tiger is an anthropomorphic tiger who wears a red kerchief around his neck. Unlike the real-life counterpart, Tony the Tiger sports white hair.