Tony is a male character who appears in the Season Four episode "Fat Camp". He acts as one of the campers in the episode.



Tony about to take his order.

Tony is seen when Cartman is selling candy to campers while the counselors are not watching them. After Cartman hands two donuts to a camper, Tony appears and Cartman asks him if he wanted the usual. Tony doesn't answer but nods at Cartman, so Cartman gives Tony a packet of cookies. Tony is later seen at the end of the episode when campers reveal that Cartman was selling candy to them.


Tony is much overweight and has combed brown hair and a double chin, his eyes are tightly narrowed and he also has some wrinkles under his eyes. He wears the standard Fat Camp uniform consisting of a white short-sleeved shirt with the Fat Camp logo and blue shorts. Outside the camp he wears a light green short-sleeved shirt and light brown pants.

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