Tommy's Girlfriend is a teenager who first appeared in the Season 16 episode, "Faith Hilling". She was shown in the short film "Bloody Sunday: The Dangers of Memeing", where she and her boyfriend, Tommy, had their car parked on the train line, she asks Tommy to take a picture of her doing the "Tebowing" pose on car, when Tommy is about to take the picture a train noise is heard, which makes her and Tommy desperate. After Tommy gets out of the car and tries to snap the picture, the train runs over her and Tommy's car.

She later appears in the Season 23 episode, "The Scoots", where she is seen among the crowd of teenagers and kids on scooters, participating in "Trick or Treat".


She has combed brown hair with a ponytail and brown eyebrows. She wears a gray shirt under a white coat, a gold necklace, gray pants, bright pink socks and dark pink sandals. She wears blue eyeshadow and wears cyan-colored earrings on both ears. She also wears a black hat with a gray sash.


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