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Tom Thompson is the main television reporter and anchor for Channel 4 News. As of Season Thirteen, he succeeded Tom Pusslicker as the lead anchor and reporter for Channel 4 News.


After replacing Tom Pusslicker, Tom Thompson takes the same role, mostly as an anchor, reporting from the news studio, while occasionally taking on the role of field reporter. In the Season Seventeen episode, "Black Friday", he receives a female co-anchor and in the following episode, "A Song of Ass and Fire", his full name is revealed, as is the name of his co-anchor, who is revealed as his sister, Tammy Thompson. It is also revealed that he and his sister have an incestuous relationship. They are "Colorado's top-rated brother-sister news team".


Tom Thompson has brown hair and a brown mustache. He wears a blue business suit consisting of a blue coat, gray dress shirt, a tie that alternates between yellow and purple, blue pants, and black shoes. He bears a strong resemblance to news anchor Tom Tucker from the animated series Family Guy.


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