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Tom Pusslicker is a news anchor and was the main television anchor and reporter for Channel 4 News during the first ten seasons. He was frequently seen in episodes where unusual things occur on a large scale. He has not been seen reporting since the eleventh season and has been replaced by other anchors and reporters, most notably Tom Thompson.

On occasion, the news report relevant to the episode would be preceded by the last lines of an otherwise unheard report about Hillary Clinton's ass.

He briefly returns in "Sponsored Content" as one of the former news anchors introducing Jimmy Valmer to Leslie Meyers.


Tom is usually seen wearing a gray suit with a white shirt and tie. The color of his tie tends to change between appearances, including dark red, blue and green. He has brown hair, usually dark but occasionally lighter. In "Sponsored Content", he now has a lapel on his suit and visible sleeves.


  • There is some confusion over Tom's actual name, as it has since been seen that most news anchors in the show are referred as Tom regardless, and many other reporters such as Chris Swollenballs bear some resemblance to Tom. His last name was confirmed to be Pusslicker in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow".



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