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Tom Johannsen is an ice cream owner who appears in the Season Eight episode, "Cartman's Incredible Gift".


He is an ice cream shop owner that was accused of being the left handed killer because Eric Cartman, who was revered as being a psychic had a "vision" of quadruple-stuffed oreos and ice cream. The police visited Johannsen's house and asked to speak with him. When Tom Johannsen had his back turned, the detectives motioned in a squad of police officers who beat Tom to the ground and tasered him. Johannsen was arrested and suffered severe injuries. After the real killer was caught and killed, Tom was released. He visits Kyle in the hospital and thanks him.


Tom Johannsen wears brown pants and a white shirt with a red bow-tie. He also wears a red vest with red buttons and black framed glasses. He has gray hair, is balding, and has gray eyebrows. He has wrinkles on his face and other noticeable signs of aging.


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