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The Tom Brady Publicist is, as her name indicates, a publicist for Tom Brady. She appears in the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Turd Burglars".


When Cartman, Stan, and Kenny are bribed by Mr. Mackey to steal Tom Brady's feces in exchange for Jedi: Fallen Order, they pretend to help Kenny (who is disguised as a disabled Patriots fan) to meet Tom at his house as it is his 'last wish' before he 'dies'. As they request this, the publicist senses that they are here for Tom's feces but nevertheless is convinced to let them stay at Tom's house.


She is somewhat analytical and observant as she knows that people want Tom Brady's feces and senses that Cartman, Stan, and Kenny are here for his feces too.


The Tom Brady Publicist wears a coat with a long collar and a black sweater underneath. She also has long brown hair and wears lipstick.

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