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"Tom's Rhinoplasty"
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Episode no. Season 1
Episode 11
Guest stars Natasha Henstridge
Production no. 111
Original airdate February 11, 1998
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"Damien" "Mecha-Streisand"
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This article is about the episode. For the eponymous location, see Tom's Rhinoplasty.

Tom's Rhinoplasty" is the 11th episode of Season One, and the 11th overall episode of South Park. It first aired February 11, 1998.[1]


While Mr. Garrison deserts the class for a visit to Tom's Rhinoplasty, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman all compete for the attention of Ms. Ellen, the new substitute teacher.[1]


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Stan and Wendy are eagerly planning to spend Valentine's Day together doing something romantic, despite being ridiculed by Cartman for their ideas. However, when their teacher Mr. Garrison goes to get a rhinoplasty, Principal Victoria drops in to introduce their new substitute teacher, Ms. Ellen, who all the boys in class find themselves inexplicably enamored with. Stan in particular vomits several times, making Wendy incredibly jealous as he has previously only done this for her.

At recess, the boys tell Chef about Ms. Ellen, Chef finds her attractive and tries to hook up with her. Wendy makes an effort to 'warn' them about various flaws she has, but they all simply ignore or justify them and refuse to listen. Chef comes in after recess, claiming Kyle forgot his laundry detergent on the playground and seems to set up a date with Ms. Ellen to the boys' jealousy, especially Stan. After class, Wendy threatens Ms. Ellen, warning her "Don't fuck with me". Ms. Ellen is shocked at the moment, but seems to ignore the situation afterward.

The boys make an active effort to court Ms. Ellen, such as giving her presents in class the next day, which she pretends to enjoy. At lunch, however, Chef warns them that she is a lesbian and, when the boys are unfamiliar with the concept, explains it means she's only interested in "other" lesbians. With even the knowledgeable Kenny unsure what that is, coupled with Chef's unwillingness to elaborate, the boys try to become lesbians themselves, in order to win Ms. Ellen's heart, resorting to activities such as "licking carpet" in Cartman's living room and trying to "eat box" with cardboard boxes, supposedly based on advice from his mother.

Wendy invites her best friend Bebe Stevens over and tries a Grease-inspired leather outfit to impress the boys and regain Stan' attention, an idea that seems to work for a moment, before Ms. Ellen shows up in a similar outfit and wins back the attention of the male students, proclaiming to Wendy that they are 'like sisters'. Ms. Ellen also declares in class that she will take the winner of the spelling test out to dinner, which the boys see as a chance to "make love" to her, not that they understand the concept, though Cartman cannot spell. When Wendy tries to talk to Stan about their relationship, she is advised to stop bothering him and "acting like a freak".

Meanwhile, when Garrison finishes his nose procedure with Doctor Tom, now looking extremely handsome (appearing like actor David Hasselhoff), he finds himself now the most attractive man in South Park, briefly flirting with local women like Mrs. Campbell and becoming a model at Photo Dojo. With all of his success in mind, he decides to quit teaching and spend his time "hanging out and screwing hot chicks." Principal Victoria announces that Ms. Ellen is therefore hired as the class' permanent teacher. She then announces to the class that Stan scored highest in the quiz and will be taken to dinner. To make things even worse, Wendy is then told by the Principal that her grandmother just died. This chain of unfortunate events drives Wendy totally insane.

The next day, inexplicably, a bunch of Iraqi men burst into the classroom during a session, and declare that Ms. Ellen is actually a wanted Iraqi fugitive, who has slept with their leader. She steals one of their swords and threatens them, but ends up killing Kenny instead. Principal Victoria is surprised by their photographic evidence and the men then take her into custody and threaten to shoot her into the center of the sun via a rocket. Concurrently, a large group of women rampages the streets in search of Mr. Garrison. Mr. Garrison, frightened by all the attention and horny women, decides to return to his normal looks and teaching career. Wendy is therefore able to reclaim Stan as her boyfriend, remarking at the "irony" of the situation.

At the end of the episode, Wendy holds a pool party at her house, attended by Bebe, thanking Mrs. Campbell for her help, when Kyle appears and begins to question the unusual end of Ms. Ellen. Wendy is interrupted, speaking with a group of Iraqi men in fluent Arabic and pays them with a huge amount of American money. She also pulls out a cardboard box with a hole in the middle, staring up into the sky and looking directly at the sun as the missile containing Ms. Ellen finally melts into flames and the passenger inside evaporates into flames. Kyle is shocked by the implications, and Wendy seems to admit she was behind the whole plot, putting the box down, smiling, and declaring, that "I told her: DON'T FUCK WITH WENDY TESTABURGER!", leaving Kyle shocked and confused.


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