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  • While in jail, Butters tells his parents he was injected with sodium pentathol, a serum mistakenly believed to cause people to involuntarily tell the truth.
  • Butters mentions that he has a girlfriend named "Carrie" who lives in Michigan.

References to Popular Culture

  • Before they toilet paper the Striebel's home, Kyle sees their children inside and he says "you didn't say nothin' about no kids man" like Tony Montana in Scarface did during the car bomb scene.
  • The scene where Cartman is trying to kill Kyle with the wiffle bat on the canoe is accompanied by the theme music from The Godfather.
  • The plot involving the inmate Josh Myers and Officer Barbrady is similar to Agent Starling and Hannibal Lecter in The Silence Of The Lambs Josh's voice and way of talking is also a parody of Lecter, as is his "transformation" theory about the toilet paper and his confinement when taken to Principal Victoria's office (down to the mouthpiece). However, the setting in which Barbrady talks to Josh is similar to the circumstances in Red Dragon, a prequel to Silence of the Lambs.
    • When Officer Barbrady opens the "body bag", the reactions of Officer Barbrady and Jason Bell mimic that of Jody Foster when they find the 3rd body.
  • Cartman briefly mentions the actress Ally Sheedy and her character from The Breakfast Club in his convoluted story.
  • The lie Cartman concocts parodies that of John Goodman's character's alibi in The Big Lebowski. Instead of meeting nihilists at the bowling alley, Cartman says they meet Scientologists.
  • The TV news footage is of a well-known and frequently parodied clip of figure skater Nancy Kerrigan after she was attacked at the Cobo Arena in 1994 during the US Nationals, an incident planned primarily by rival skater Tonya Harding's ex-husband.[1]


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