"Tjing Tjang Tjing" is a Danish song featured in Season Twenty, most prominently in "Douche and a Danish". The song is from a Danish Christmas TV show called Alletiders jul from 1994, the first in the Pyrus series.[1][2]


Parody version

Lennart Bedrager: Hello. Are you tired of hate speech? Are you sick of sexism and-a bigotry? Then please, help the Danish put an end to trolls.

Tjing tjang tjing nutillej

Lennart Bedrager: But to make this dream into a reality, we still need your donations. We are just a few million kroners away, so please donate via the social media of your choice.

Tjing tjang tjing nutillej

Lennart Bedrager: Just imagine it, knowing who said what on the Internet.

Dane 1: The whole world will be-a peaceful and happy.

Dane 2: Like-a here, in Denmark.

Dane 3: Help fund our project on social media today!

Danes: Together, we will rid the world of-a trolls.

Tjing tjang lu, Tjing tjang lu, Tjing tjang tjing nutillej!

Original version

Danish English
En junker red ved juletid,


omkring ham dalede sneen hvid.


Han stred sig frem i regn og blæst,

med ét der segnede hans hest.




A Count was riding at Christmas,


Around him fell white snow


He fought his way through rain and wind,

and suddenly his horse fell of exhaustion.




En jomfru sad ved højen tårn,

og ventede ham som til forn.

Men natten gik så trist og lang,

i ensomhed til solopgang.

A maiden sat in a tall tower,

and awaited his arrival.

But the night went on so sad and long,

in loneliness till sunrise.

Den næste dag ved morgenrød,

de fandt den stakkels junker død.

Han dækket var af sne og is,

men tør nu op i Paradis.

Early the next morning,

they found the poor Count, dead.

He was covered in snow and ice,

but is now thawing in Paradise.

Det var jo noget værre noget,

for da han tøede blev han våd.

Men sådan kan det altså gå,

når man går uden hue på.

And that was a very bad thing,

cause as he thawed he got wet.

But that's how it goes,

when you walk around without a hat.

Da jomfruen fik den besked,

hun kastede sig fra tårnet ned.

Nu deler de en lille sky,

som regner over land og by.

When the maiden was told,

she threw herself from the tower.

Now they share a small cloud,

which is raining over land and town.


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