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Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is a professional golfer. He appeared in the episode "Sexual Healing".

Sex Addict

Tiger Wood appears in two forms in this episode. Primarily he appears as a video game avatar, for his latest golf-game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, which in truth is more of a domestic abuse fighting game in Tiger Woods and wife (Elin) beat each other following Tiger's constant sexual affairs. The game is a big hit for the boys, who find the idea of beating the crap out of Woods highly entertaining.

However, when a group of scientists come up with the outrageous theory that rich and famous men are having affairs solely because of an uncontrollable source, such as addiction, the real Tiger immediately claims that it is the reason he cheated on his wife so much. He, along with a group of other celebrities, as well as Kyle and Butters (who are diagnosed as sexual addicts too), check into the Karne Institute for Sex Addiction. The Institute, however, does not teach its patients to control their addiction, but instead they teach them how not get caught again.

Later when President Obama, the claim becomes that sexual addiction is caused because of a Wizard Alien. When Kyle and Butters kill the "Wizard Alien" (in truth a soldier who was willing to admit the truth about the "Sexual Addiction" matter, and who was labeled by the government as a "Turd in the punchbowl"), he and the other 'addicts' claim to be cured of their illness. Woods gives a speech saying that it's good that the sex addiction is gone and that he can be faithful to his wife. He also states that his wife won't have to get revenge by sleeping with a bunch of guys (at which point his wife looks at him and says nothing, implying that she will sleep with other guys) and that he will return to golf.

His video game meanwhile has reverted back to its original state, much to the disdain of Stan and Cartman.


  • In the episode 200, he was one of the celebrities suing South Park.

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