For Bebe Stevens' cat, see Thumper (Cat).

Thumper is a skiing instructor who appears in the Season Six episode, "Asspen", where he was initially seen instructing Stan Marsh, Kyle and Ike Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Butters Stotch the basics of skiing. After being challenged by Tad Mikowski, Stan asked Thumper for help learning how to ski. During a montage, Thumper was able to improve Stan's skiing skills enough for him to win the race down the K-13. He later made a small appearance at the end of "Buddha Box", where he is seen with a Buddha box on his head.


Thumper wears a blue sweatband, blue gloves, yellow boots, red pants, a blue shirt, and a red jacket with "INSTRUCTOR" written in orange. He has wavy brown hair.


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