I'm just writing this because I want to clarify what I meant in case if anyone misunderstands me in later replies.

1. "He retired?" I didn't know Manic retired until the blog post was put that included that. No biggie. 2. "I thought he'd never leave." I wasn't trying to say anything nasty, I just thought he wouldn't leave, mainly now, until at least the show was over. 3. "He did well in editing.". I wasn't sarcastic. Some of the edits Manic made I think were in fact fantastic. I just didn't see many of them, even though I had the time.

Charlie, I'm sorry if I sounded nasty. That's not what I was trying to be. I just found it odd he retired this week, mainly because he seemed to be doing well here.

I also want to say sorry for all of the stuff I did. I do feel bad for that stuff, and I have no intentions of doing so again. I'm not returning to this wiki until at least August to clear the air.

Good luck being an admin on the wiki.

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