Okay, since my last message was posted and people think I was whining, I thought of some ideas simply for something entertaining. If any of you are wondering, I'm thinking of ideas for blogs. (Manic, ElfKing, hear me out on this) I thought not only of a new journal entry for my fictional character, but also a sketch that people can read. Basically, the story sketch is over-the-top parody fun in which after I'm unblocked, I just simply return and wreak havoc on the community (not by hacking, like some sort of public event after hearing excellent news of the new South Park game). Then I have a big fight with Manic and HighJewElfKing with blords. (Parody of a sword, except it can block people with a simple stab, like how admins can block people in reality) It really has much of the stuff from South Park, like a missile sockbath, it's set in the town of the show, and only uses swearing every once in a while. It also satirizes the repetitiveness of The Stick of Truth (something we can all agree on about the game. Not saying it sucks, just that the combat was bad in terms of repititiveness). If anyone doesn't want them here, fine. I'll put it elsewhere. If found offensive, I'll cut that person out. Hey, at least I'm not complainin'.

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