Scout Trooper 164 wrote:

Scout Trooper 164 wrote: Look folks, I'm admitting I did something wrong. Whiny? Yes. Everything else? Not really. I admitted when I was blocked that I did something wrong. I made this because I wanted to and because I was mad a little as well from my recent block, especially when I was going to put on a new entry in the journal I created a couple years ago. Go on and call me a whiny bitch if you want to just because of this, but I'm gonna regret putting this on my message wall. I may sound like I'm whiny, but in reality, I'm not, I just was mad when I put this out on my message wall. Go ahead and make my block longer, go ahead and call me a whiny fool, go ahead and call me whatever you guys want. This isn't a blog, and I'm not taking this down.

And I want to keep it that way to signify that in public, I try to change for the sake of keeping things together. So I'm gonna start with this. "Manic, this quote of yours doesn't make anything better." If I'm feeling like a whiny and self-centered person, I admit I'm that regardless if I'm mad or not, because it helps to know that although you did something bad in one experience, you try again in a new one. And my blog post problem is a fine example of that. You can always find ways to improve, and stop being awful. I'm going to try and keep it that way, even if it's hard as "F", or if I feel triggered.

And I'm gonna start now in here, regardless if I still act like a selfish prick.

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