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    State of the Wiki - June 2017
    Welcome to the June edition of the State of the Wiki. In this post, I will cover major events on the wiki from the end of May. I also will share what's to come here on South Park Archives for the rest of the month. KyleHJEKST HighJewElfKingWall KyleHJEKST
    General News
    • South Park Archives has a new font! It was changed from Ubuntu to Roboto.
    • The tabbed infobox project has started, see below for more information!
    • User tabs have a new look! Check it out on your user page today!
    • Fandom will officially release their new navigation bar on June 12th. Some changes will be made to how links will be laid out here on SPA, as some aspects of the navigation will have to be redone.
    • South Park Season 21 will start on August 23rd.
    • Fractured But Whole content will be allowed and will be made on South Park Archives! More information regarding this will be released in a future forum post.
    • Jamesb1 has completed the minor characters project, nice work!
    • You can vote for July's Here
    Tabbed Infobox Project
    • This project was created to introduce tabbed info boxes to character and DVD/Blu-Ray info-boxes.
    • Myself, Jamesb1 and a group of helpful editors are working on this project, PissCoveredOcelot and Jackstanbah.
    • You should see the tabs on most of the character pages in the coming weeks.
    • Interested in helping out? Leave me a message on my wall!
    • You can find out more information about the project Here!
    Featured Episodes of the Week
    South Park Archives App
    South Park Archives has a mobile application, so you can stay connected and read up on South Park wherever you are! Mobile apps feature access to all articles and pages on South Park Archives and discussions with other South Park fans.
    New Pages
    Wiki Admins



    That's a wrap!
    Thank you for reading South Park Archives' State of the Wiki for June 2017! Join us again next month, there will be a lot to report on. If there's something you'd like to see featured next month, let us know in a comment below and stay cool!
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    • I'm surprised Season 21 is starting early. I wonder why they're doing that.

      I can't find the project, can you link it to me please?

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    • @Scout Trooper 164: I think this[[1]] is what you're talking about :)

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    • D'oh.

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