• What do u consider good trivia? I put in a lot of trivial stuff and ideas and most of the time it's undone so what qualifies?

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    • I guess that was a bit harsh, but really if you're stating the obvious, then I'm not exactly going to feel comfortable with it. The point being that trivia should embody the definition of the word. Your recent trivia about Liane was really good, even though it was in the wrong section.

      Here are some examples for you to postulate.

      • This is the first episode to focus on Liane Cartman since the "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" duology.
        • This is good trivia. I didn't know that. Not that I expect people to read my mind, but the 'Duology' verbiage is a construct I made up. You really want to point to something specific.
      • This is the only episode of South Park to have only one of the four members of the Goth Kids appear.
        • I actually liked the idea behind this trivia, but I didn't like the execution, at all. I spent some time rewriting it, but I guess another admin undid it. Fret not, for your trivia exists on Goth Kids, albeit in a less direct way.
      • The characters repeatedly refer to Orcas as whales even though they are actually dolphins.
        • Again, I loved the idea behind the trivia, but your execution really made me feel like I was an outsider and you were trying to alienate me, personally. Remember, you have to picture yourself not only in the shoes of the reader, but in the shoes of the whole. When you say "the characters", you set yourself apart from the other contributors and you kinda do it in an abrasive way. We're all South Park fans here, and the assumption is the reader knows where they are. The idea here is to not refer to South Park as an outside source, but rather the core concept.
      • Cartman once again fails to keep his promise from Stunning and Brave, to become a new and better person. He spends the entire episode taking advantage of restaurants and making fun of David Rodriguez for how he talks.
        • Loved it. Didn't like the extra commentary and the non-quoted episode link.
      • When R. Kelly sings the first time, a women looks at him with a scared expression on her face before he pulls out his gun.
        • I didn't like this at all, and made me feel bad inside. R Kelly is generally an intimidating person, especially in such a crowd as he was in. It makes sense that the woman in question was frightened.

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    • Oh thanks for clearing those up, I'll try to do better when adding stuff. Also, in that case couldn't the whale/dolphin fact be added to the goofs in whale whores since it's still a fact that the episode gets incorrect?

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