• Scout Trooper 164
    Scout Trooper 164 closed this thread because:
    I'm sick of this horse crap. I'm just gonna remove it.
    19:15, March 1, 2017

    Hello, look as much as I'm totally interested to see what you saw today, this is not the place for you to share that. You said in the post you were blocked for bad article comments. Well, I wasn't the person who issued the block. But, gee wiz, hard to see why you were blocked because you did stuff like this, completely unrelated and off topic comments. You really think leaving a blog post about Star Wars is going to help your case? It isn't. Let me remind you that this is SOUTH PARK ARCHIVES, not Star Wars Archives. Off topic blog posts are allowed within reason, but this is so off topic that I am asking you to please delete that blog post before it is deleted for you. Please be careful what you post on the wiki itself, you can feel free to join our Discord and discuss anything you'd like there. But on the wiki, let's try to keep things SP related. Thanks for your understanding. KyleHJEKST HighJewElfKingWall KyleHJEKST

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    • Wow, King, there is so much wrong with that. I tried getting rid of the blog, but my phone apparently won't let me. But anyway, as much as I know this is South Park, I'm gonna get this out of the way.

      1. This isn't Star Wars, it's Lego Batman, the article clearly says so.

      2. Does that mean I have to delete the other blog which includes my Star Wars character in the South Park universe all because of Him? Wouldn't be very fair.

      3. I should've been given my strike since I edited my reply on the "South Park The Fractured But Whole delayed again" discussion because of me editing it to express my anger. But Manic decided to block me because I replied to OLD comments, especially ones that didn't follow rules.

      But to be real, I'll follow the rules now. I'm just getting sick of being blocked from here because of how strict it's here, it's semi-insane. Oh well, might as well stop this before Manic enters the discussion, and puts his business in, pretty much like every time ever.

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      1. So what doe Lego Batman have to do with South Park?
      2. Your other blogs seem to be on-topic enough.
      3. "I've been warned several times about bad article comments, but everyone else is breaking the rules, so I'm entitled to do so too. Surely nothing bad will happen." Terrible way to think, bud.

      Perhaps try reading what it says when you leave a comment: "article comments are only to discuss how to improve the article". You've only been blocked once, pumpkin, so don't start with that nonsense. And, it's my role here to be in everyone's business. So, figure it out, or I will do it for you.

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