• Manic The Hedgehog
    Manic The Hedgehog closed this thread because:
    Figure it out. Fall in to place, or other options will be decided for you.
    15:18, February 24, 2017

    Please stop doing that.

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    • Here's the game we're playing.

      You started editing as CartmanCheesyPoofs, and made very terrible edits and decisions. Your attitude was really bad and you were rightfully blocked. Actually, you were given MORE than ample warning blocks before you were finally removed.

      Here's what happened next. You made another account, and with your same terrible attitude you try to "undo" your block on CartmanCheesyPoofs with ButtersLepold. This spells his name wrong. As someone purportedly obsessed with Butters, this makes me feel like you're not sincere about anything. Banned.

      Oh, but it gets better. You came back YET AGAIN with a 3rd account and started making spam comments everywhere. Banned.

      And here you are once again. I gave you a 2 day warning block, and you whined about it. I was just being nice, and to be honest, it was really nice without you these past 2 days. It's been decided in advance that the next blocks will be permanent. Shape up or ship out.

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