• January 2017's winner is: Kenny McCormick!

    Congratulations to everyone who voted for Kenny! The race was close, with Kyle and Kenny being neck and neck for the longest time. Kenny won with a total of 14 votes. Following behind him was Kyle with 8 votes, Stan with 3 votes, and Cartman with 2 votes. Very last, but not least, was Butters with a single vote. Awwww...

    Be sure to read all about our favorite muffled character by clicking on the big Kenny to the right!

    Vote now for February's Featured Article

    Another group of favorites were picked for February, mostly from Season 20! Be sure to vote in the poll below and let your voices be heard! Who will win? You decide!

    Vote for the next featured article of the month, Here:

    The poll was created at 01:14 on January 1, 2017, and so far 92 people voted.

    Nominate your favorite article for March!

    Remember, everyone can nominate a page they'd like to see in the polls. If you'd like to nominate a page, be sure to leave a comment! Be sure to visit South Park Archives:Featured article of the month for more details about how to nominate.

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    • Craig Tucker is awesome in his own way.

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