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    If Butters or Wendy don't play a major role in one season, does that mean they'll temporarily be placed under the minor characters category, as unfitting as the category seems for them, until they play a major role in a certain episode or season? Even if one of the four main boys play a minor role in a certain season (looking at you Kenny McCormick), that doesn't temporarily place them under the minor characters category since they'll always permanently remain under the main characters category, right? Just making sure.

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    • I have no idea what you just said. Kenny won't change (Main Characters). Butters and Wendy are in Minor and Major characters. You should just not worry about it.

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    • I don't see Butters nor Wendy in the minor characters category.

      Also what I'm saying is... well let's use this as an example: The major characters category is for characters that play a major role in the current season, so once they get regulated to background characters they'll be removed frrom the category and placed under the minor characters category, right? So, if Butters didn't play a major role in Season 20 (not saying he doesn't, that's why I said if), does that mean he would be placed under the minor characters category until he plays a major role? Because the minor characters category seems unfitting for Butters.

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    • Have you seen any episode in Season 20?

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    • You need to watch the show to be able to successfully edit on this wiki, dude.

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    • So what counts as Major characters? Iike what does a character have to do to be Major? 

      Like the boys are Majors, but to Randy, Garrison and Butter count as Major characters?

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    • Have they done a lot recently this season, or in the series as a whole? Yes.

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