• Per the uploading policy, please upload images with filenames that aren't terrible.

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    • And you kept doing it. Patience Running Thin.

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    • Hey! I know I uploaded images with bad filenames before, but don't worry, I can change!

      But seriously though, I was uploading the image via mobile, so what did you expect? The thing where I can change an image's filename wouldn't show completely on my phone, so that's why it had a bad filename.

      This is why you shouldn't have locked the page; I could've just clicked on the image and change the Filename from the link it directed me to, but you locked the page before I could do so.

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    • Oh I locked the page because that's an episode image gallery. Those have images in a specific format, order, and sequence. Some are out of order, but the general idea is not to add images to the gallery, unless you plan on replacing all of them per the guidelines.

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