• I can't keep having you break this page, man.

    Please use the preview button within the editor.

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    • Putting the bolded "Series:" tag isn't going to work here as opposed to when I was able to put the tag on a character's speaking role section (think Red and Heidi's pages)?

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    • What are all the pages you're doing this in? Im going to come up with a more elegant solution tonight, and need to know which ones to redo.

      Also, please mind the disambiguation templates. Those are super critical.

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    • Okay, here's what I mean: you know when I put the bolded "Series:" tag on Red and Heidi's speaking role sections just in case someone doesn't count the movie or wants to know when they first spoke in the series? What I did on Cartman's is similar; some people may not count Cartman's appearance in The Spirit of Christmas (or anyone's appearance in the short for that matter) as a real appearance. Not because he was named "Kenny" at that point, but because it's a short and not an episode in the series.

      Back when I put the bolded "Series:" tag on Red and Heidi's debut speaking role sections, I used the
      tag and it fit in the info box perfectly fine, but when I did it on Cartman's page it went outside his info box. How come it didn't work on Cartman's page when I was able to do it perfectly fine on Red and Heidi's pages?

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    • Because you got confused with the LinkDisambig template. I fixed it for you. Just realize though, that I don't like <br>'''Series:''' "Episode", so I'm going to come up with a better solution tonight. So I just need to know which ones you've done, so I can go back and do my solution.

      Feel free to keep going, but in the end, I'm going to make it look better.

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