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      Well first we have to consider all the variables in mind here that would affect such a release of episodes during an already story rich season, including the fact that South Park the Fractured but whole being delayed because the developers wanted to polish the game some more and if that didn't happen it would have released on december 6 and the episode would have come out around the same time making it perfect for a tie in to the game but since that's not happening i think it decreases the odds of a full on tie in like we saw in season 17 because of the huge gap in between the final episode of season 20 and the release of the game which probably wont come out until march unless they happen to reveal a better release date and make everyone happy because they'll finally have a date to look forward to instead of a generic 'q1 2017' announcement that might have put a few people off because that could mean any date between january 1 and the end of march so i can see why some people might want to think the worst and believe the worst case scenario of a march 31 release date which would be kinda bad because i was ready for this game to be released in december and i feel like they delayed the previous game too except they did have great results so it isn't all that bad!

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    • I know this is a year old. But since the new season just started & the game is coming out in a couple weeks I think the closest we are getting to something that could count as a prequil on the show is the coon & friends triligy a few seasons ago.  What I think is weird is the game is suppose to take place the day after Stick of truth ended. 

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