• [Stan, Kyle and Kenny visit Cartman and enter the living room where Cartman is watching his DVD]

    Kyle: Hey, Cartman. What are you watching?

    Cartman: Oh, hey guys, I am watching a pirate DVD.

    [Stan, Kyle and Kenny gasp in shock]

    Stan: WHAT?!

    Kyle: You freakin' idiot! You shouldn't have a pirate DVD or Blu-Ray! That's illegal!

    Kenny: What is wrong with you?!

    All (except Cartman): [leave Cartman's house] You will be arrested for having a pirate DVD or Blu-Ray!

    Cartman: [gets annoyed and shows the watching viewers with his DVD which is actually called Pirates of the Carribean] Humph! What's their problem?

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    • Too short, good idea, but a bit childish. I'd try to make it more mature, add more plot points. For example: [Cartman tries to talk to Kyle, Stan, and Kenny the next day]

      Also: It's a bit hypocritical as Christian Rock Hard shows that they have pirated music.

      PS: Sorry that it's a bit late.

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