• There's a reason that a wiki profile is also known as "personal namespace". It's PERSONAL. Other than removing violations of TOS, they're usually not touched by anyone but their owner.

    Yeah, I saw the big red letters but after checking that I hadn't inadvertently done something stupid, like adding myself to the Character Portal, I ignored them. Why? Because I had just had a conversation with Aguziel about relaxing the draconian attitudes of previous admins, to which you agreed, and seeing as how I could find nothing in Rules and Policies or even MoS regarding Character boxes on profiles, I determined that this was some old skool fussing that should be disregarded.

    I did find this in the rules however:

    Do not edit others' user pages, as they are generally considered property of the user. You are, however, more than welcome to put whatever you'd like on your own user page, so long as it doesn't violate any rules or isn't offensive. If you have an issue with another user's user page, contact an Administrator.

    I do realize that you have been an invaluable contributor to this wiki over the last two years and you'll likely be missed when you retire. However, seeing as how you've admitted to never questioning the rationale around here, how about you lighten up in your final days and try not to run off those giving thought to picking up the slack when you leave?

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    • It's a rule. Somehow it's not in the rules. I or another admin will add it to the rules at some point, most likely. If you saw big red letters telling you not to do something, don't ignore them. Don't get an attitude, though.

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    • I have seen many people try to add the character info boxes to their profile and why not, it's fun. Maybe we could create an alternate version just for profiles.

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    • OK, misjudged you. I make a legitimate argument and you minimize it to an attitude problem? You say something that isn't in the rules IS a rule and you're just going to add it...sometime...when you get around to it, and that's my problem?

      Aguziel, if you can handle my attitude then look me up again once the lame ducks waddle out the pond.

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    • I need fellow admins' approval first. Also, I am the only one not contemplating retirement.

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    • The character template is reserved for canonical characters only. Using it on your own profile sort of implies you are a South Park character. We're quite strict about this because we want to keep fanon out of the wiki. That big red letter warning should have been enough to stop you. With that said, the other admins and I unanimously decided in the chat that the standard character template will not be allowed on user profiles, but an alternative version will be created.

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    • OK. Nice that you've reached a compromise. Here's my final word on the matter.

      I've frequented many a wiki and on nearly every one in which I've bothered to edit my profile I have used their version of a character infobox (or other infobox) to present my humor-tinged personal information. Not once have I been told by an admin or by the template itself that I wasn't permitted to do so, and not once has anyone expressed confusion that I was presenting canonical information. Is that something peculiar to South Park fans? I would have credited them with greater intelligence but then maybe many of them watch it for the pretty colors rather than the biting satire.

      You can create an alternative if you wish but it seems rather pointless to me. For one reason, it kills the joke. Each time that I have done this, I have given an ironic twist to the expected information according to the label (i.e. Powers: Forum Thread Necromancy, Appearing in: your worst nightmares). It's not going to get me my own nightclub in Branson but it's all I've got. And I don't know how the alternative will be different. Do you intend to place a big red disclaimer across the page?

      This is a User and not an actual character on South Park!
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    • Not every wiki is the same and you fail to realize this. Insulting our intelligence is juvenile at best and if you think that a "joke" that you happen to indulge in will make us reconsider the rule, that's a good joke. See the issue I have with you right now is that you are demanding that the rules and policies of our wiki be changed for you, which won't happen. Yes, we can amend the rules and we will amend the rules. However, we aren't going to give you authority beyond any other registered user. You just expect us to bend over and give you what you want but, I got news for you, you're simply not that important. Even though we find you intelligent, or at least we did at one point, doesn't mean anything. There have been more intelligent users in the past and there will be far more intelligent users in the future. All I can say is, you need to learn that it is not all about you. I've tried to be civil about this, but nothing will satisfy you, and you are wearing my patience thin.

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    • "Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!"
      - Michael Corleone

      Dude, WTF? You've been asking me to discuss this matter further and I have. I haven't demanded anything. I haven't even ASKED for anything. All I've done is present my argument. What have you done? It certainly hasn't been offering anything reasonable to support your case. You've got nothing so you must resort to ad hominem. I've intentionally insulted nobody but a hypothetical fraction of the SP audience. You (plural) ignore explicitly stated rules and enforce those that only you know about. Then you get upset that someone dare challenge you.

      I don't need you to grant me any authority. I've got all I need, thank you very much. And your difficulties maintaining civility and your brittle patience are of no concern of mine.

      Clearly you've all done fine without me and I've no doubt that there will be plenty of blindly accepting sheep (as apparently you all once were since you didn't make the rules) to maintain a modicum of the wiki's current quality for years to come. I, however, am out.

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    • I know you're "out", but the reason my "brittle" patience was wearing thin, is because we gave a solution but it wasn't the one you wanted so you complained about it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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