• You say you no longer like the show, but how come you feel inclined, not only to maintain your profile and userspace here, but the entirety of the fanon wiki as well? Furthermore, how come you're still active on SouthParkStudios?

    Also you're receiving "messages" because someone has edited your User talk archive. Only administrators can do this. There's not a whole lot I can do about this, as we may need to go to it again. My suggestion would be just to click the X and ignore them.

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    • I apologize if keeping a userpage here is somehow an issue. I've never had to delete a userpage before, nor have I ever seen anyone do so. I've seen people 'wipe' pages but I'd rather not just leave a straight, blank page. I would assume I couldn't delete my account here without deleting my full Wikia account, which I still use frequently elsewhere - but I suppose that supposition may have been incorrect.

      I maintain the Fanon Wiki because there's not any viable alternative administrators right now and I want to make sure it passes on to the right person/people. Most of the wiki users there only posted original characters (which became fodder for anti-OC fans to make fun of) or make bare fic pages. If there was a user as active as, say, Neocarleen was at one point or Icelilly, I'd gladly let them take over. GodzillaIsland has some extra staff privileges though, so it's not all me.

      SouthParkStudios I only visit occasionally and since actually exiting the show for good about five days ago I've only visited once - the lack of activity there is part of the reason I lost interest, among other reasons.

      Well, thank you for the explanation - now that I know what's causing the issue, I'm fine to ignore it. Like I said before, my assumption was somebody was making and deleting topics. I know that it's incorrect, but I think you can understand why that idea would be potentially bothersome.

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    • I didn't mean to delete your user page. And I would highly advise against deleting your account, as it's global. My best advice to you is exactly what you did. Leave a standard message explaining that you no longer wish to use the site.

      As for the Fanon wiki, I hope someone turns up. You'll know when you find the right person. You'll find someone who is truly dedicated and driven.

      You know you're always welcome here to chat about South Park or wikia. My message wall is always open. Take care JVM! :)

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