• Manic The Hedgehog
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    15:40, February 8, 2013

    No one is adding and deleting messages here. Please remove your provoking message wall greeting.

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    • I was going to ask who the heck this was after getting an e-mail, but when I came here to reply I noticed your old messages were switched to your new name, so hi again, I guess.

      I don't feel my message is 'provoking', but I will honor your request to remove it.

      But nothing explains why for some reason I keep repeatedly getting told by Wikia to check my messages here every few days and there haven't been any new messages since November 2012.

      Thinking somebody was adding and deleting messages is a pretty logical conclusion from that.

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    • I had the same problem yesterday, it's a bit annoying.

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    • Ah, okay, so it's not just a problem with my account. That's a bit of a relief at least.

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    • Thanks JohnVMaster. See you around. You should disable emails from this site. I have no guarantee that you'll not receive any further emails otherwise.

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