• I apologize if I seem mean, I'm just trying to get an understanding of your viewpoint here. Why would you let the fandom get in the way of you liking the show? This part confuses me. If I was in your position, and I most certainly almost am, I would not be involved in the matters causing me to not like the show and focus on the show itself. For example, if this wiki killed South Park for me, I wont actually comment whether it has or not, I'd leave it in a heartbeat and just watch the show.

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    • Your comment was not the one that got to me, but then again I've been on a hair trigger for quite a while at this point. (I apologize for any hostility of offense as well.)

      I wrote a big, long speech and trashed it, here's the long and short of it: there's two sides of this fandom. The creative side, which dabbles in fanfic and fanart, but generally is obsessed only over aging the characters up and making most of them gay, and the lolzy side, which cares primarily about humor over substance - if they do care about substance, at best, it's about the current issue itself rather than the characters. I never fit into either of these clumps of fans, and the few people I ran into who fit into my side of things usually lasted a few months and moved on.

      The main reason I don't speak much positivity is my positivity is never met with positivity. I have been repeatedly, time and time again, alienated for defending Wendy's characterization. Everybody seems to hate Towelie with a passion. A ton of people really hated 200/201 or the Mysterion trilogy and Season Fourteen in general, especially older fans. I get questioned very, very much for finding "You're Getting Old" an amazing episode. I'm at odds with people a ton on this kind of stuff, and I think I'd rather argue why I dislike certain things than why I like them.

      Regardless, between being seen as a nuisance at many generalized fansites, and being virtually ignored by the creative side for not conforming to their set of traditions (if you follow) and of course not to mention watching countless friends and allies fade away and leave the fandom, it's not exactly like I have much to hang on to right now outside the show itself, and that much only goes so far during a six-month hiatus.

      I've worked recently to get myself out of the parts of the fandom that annoy me - but there's certain sites - and people - I just can't completely avoid, and the damage is already done. Hanging on to what little good is left in this fandom is more damage control for the bad than anything else.

      I could go on but I think I've made my point at least.

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    • I understand the points you make, and I am much more sensitive to how you feel about the fandom in general. It would seem you're generally really frustrated about it.

      You mentioned there being two sides to fandom, a creative side and a lolzy side. I think, for me, the reason I am so unappreciative and so loathing of fanon in general is because of the creative side. For example, an extreme example, if I were to search for "south park marjorine" on Google Images, the results speak for themselves. The idea behind some of the results is disgusting.

      With regards to some of the examples you mentioned, I actually like Towelie. He's a pretty funny character and I really appreciate the episodes he's been in, especially "A Million Little Fibers". When it comes to 200/201, I think the fans' frustration lies in the fact that the show was censored. The bleeps didn't detract from the episode to make it any less entertaining. With the Mysterion trilogy, I simply can't see how anyone can't like it. It's an almost incomprehensible notion for me. Maybe that makes me Butters (read: his reaction to Indiana Jones).

      With regards to allies, you'll at least have a place here. And you're always welcome. Based on my understanding of how you feel, I'd recommend simply taking a break and just watch the show. Watch and enjoy it for yourself without an outside influences. What will rejuvenate my spirit in the show is, ironically, The Stick of Truth. Although it's months out, maybe it will for you too. :)

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    • Absolutely true, but it's become a self-creating problem - the handful of good fans who do write non-slashy stuff get overlooked, dissatisfied, and leave fairly quickly, which results in just fostering the current issue further. I've always hoped at some point in the future to try to establish a fansite for fanon that would lack... the kind of issues that plague the rest, and hopefully help reconcile the fandom. It's always been tragic to me because if you look at how the fandom was ten years ago, it was truly amazing. A lot of the old stuff's been lost, unfortunately, but there were a lot of fansites that were fantastic for the time, and it was all very close-knit. If I hadn't found these sites first, I wouldn't have gotten into writing in general as much as I have.

      My understanding of the Mysterion Trilogy hatred is a lot of people feeling explaining Kenny's deaths makes it less funny, or I've also heard it hurts the original Coon. I try to examine the episodes as stand-alones - I love continuity and overall storyline, but these even each arc in an episode are produced one-by-one. 200/201, I think you're spot-on. I personally generally can see some value in every episode after a time - even those I dislike can usually have some redeeming qualities. But it takes a while for me to settle on new episodes sometimes. Almost all of Season 15 I would hate at the initial airing and rewatch and love later.

      Thanks. For the most part I have - a few months ago I made a personal site to keep myself out of most of the rest of the fandom, and so far that's worked out well, and my frustrations are (slowly) beginning to fade out. And once the show's back, that'll help out a ton more. The summer's always the harder hiatus, for me at least.

      Thank you! I'm excited for Stick of Truth, all right, especially with how fun Tower Defense was. I just hope it has good singleplayer, as the previous games are far, far more fun when you can play with a few friends rather than by yourself. (I'd recommend Tower Defense over Tenorman's Revenge personally.)

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