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Thomas Tucker is Laura Tucker's husband as well as Craig and Tricia's father. Thomas is considered one of the rednecks in town.


He is incredibly tall (taller than most, if not all the other people of South Park) and somewhat fat. He wears a blue sweater, brown trousers and black shoes. Under his sweater is a white shirt. He has orange-red hair, although he seems to be balding. He also has a protruding chin. In "South Park is Gay!" he wore a nearly-unbuttoned red shirt, pink scarf, gold necklace, a belt, and striped white pants.


Thomas has displayed an uncaring attitude. In "Tweek vs. Craig", when Craig tells his family about the fight that is going to occur, Craig's father replies with an indifferent "Oh", not caring in the slightest, which results in the whole family flips each other off. However, he does seem to show some concern for his son in later episodes. For example, he is shown to be really worried about Craig's absence during "Pandemic".

In "The Magic Bush", he is really supportive of his wife and her privacy.

In "Tweek x Craig", he was happy when he heard Craig was involved in a fight, implying that he encourages Craig's "bad boy" attitude. Later, when he finds out it was a "lover's quarrel with his boyfriend" he is angry and complains about it, stating that homosexuality is something they did not accept in his times, and even though he recognizes that "maybe it's not so wrong", he doesn't want his son to be gay. Nevertheless, at the end of the episode, he supports Craig and tells him that he loves him. Even in South Park: The Fractured But Whole he appears as a Yaoi amateur.

Criminal Record[]


Craig Tucker[]

Craig is his 10-year-old son. In "Tweek vs. Craig", their interactions do not seem to show that he has an even remotely close bond with Craig. He appears indifferent and uninterested in Craig getting into a fight.

However, he and his wife were visibly upset and were seen crying when they send Craig away, along with the rest of the kids in South Park, in "Child Abduction is Not Funny". In "Pandemic", after Craig goes missing, Thomas and his wife appear to be very worried about Craig and even sticks up for him after the other boys' parents call him a bad influence. In "Pandemic 2: The Startling", Thomas and his wife are overjoyed when Craig returns home.

Laura Tucker[]

He does not seem to have an incredibly close bond with his wife; in "Tweek vs. Craig", their interactions seem to show only a tenuous relationship between the two. However, they are shown consoling each other in later episodes.

Tricia Tucker[]

Due to a lack of interaction, their relationship remains unknown.


  • "What did I do wrong, huh? Everyone's so damned happy, but... but why did this have to happen to my son?! What did I do to make my son like this?" - "Tweek x Craig"
  • "I can see how much they're both hurting, but... Can't you understand that in my time we just didn't accept this? Maybe it's not so wrong, I, I just don't want it to be my son" - "Tweek x Craig"
  • "Son, you need to listen to me. You can't fight being gay. I used to think that being gay was a choice, but, you don't get to decide. Japan picks who they pick, and that's that. I don't understand this stuff. Heck, I didn't even know Don King got raped, but... I do know that if you try and resist it, you make yourself miserable your whole life. Everyone was so proud of you, Ah I was just being selfish. I wanna be proud of you too. I like gay Craig. I love you. Here's a hundred dollars" - "Tweek x Craig"
  • "I'll "Oh" whoever I want!" - "Tweek vs. Craig"




  • Thomas bears a resemblance to Skeeter. Many fans have speculated that due to their ginger hair, mannerisms, similar body build, and had nearly identical voices provided by Matt Stone, that the two may be brothers or cousins, which would make Craig and Red cousins. This theory is yet to have any official confirmation.
  • Thomas is the tallest regular member of the South Park cast, as he towers over the other men in "Insecurity".
  • He shares his name with the Family Guy character Tom Tucker.