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Thomas McElroy is Chef's father who lives in Scotland. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode, "The Succubus", where he comes to South Park with his wife for Chef's wedding.


He made a second appearance in the Season Six episode, "The Biggest Douche in the Universe". Chef takes Cartman and his mother to his parents' manor house in Scotland. Thomas and Nellie perform a shaman-esque ritual to exorcise Kenny's soul from Cartman's body. Although they are successful in exorcising Kenny's soul, they are unable to re-seal it because Chef hadn't brought a victim child to sacrifice. Instead, Kenny finds his way into a pot roast Nellie was preparing.

His most recent appearance to date is in "Red Sleigh Down", where he are seen along with Chef in a crowd during the town's Christmas celebration. He is not seen at Chef's funeral in "The Return of Chef".


He appears to be very old, with wrinkles and grey hair on his beard and mustache, his hair goes around his head with him balding. He wears a large blue unbuttoned suit with a black tie and an orange shirt, and black shoes. In a picture of his youngest self in his house, he had black and grey hair on the top of his head, a buttoned orange suit with a pink shirt and black tie. He occasionally dons a pair of black-rimmed reading glasses.


He appears to be friendly, being very accommodating to Liane Cartman and Eric Cartman when they visit their house in "The Biggest Douche in the Universe".

Thomas's main subject of conversation is the supposed encounters with the Loch Ness Monster. He repeatedly claims that they have seen it on multiple occasions, and are constantly harassed by it, as it tries to swindle them out of "tree-fiddy" ($3.50). According to Thomas, the monster has pretended to be a Girl Scout, an alien, and Chef's imaginary friend from childhood.


Jerome "Chef" McElroy[]

He appears to have a good relationship with their son, Chef, whom Thomas refers to as "Junior". Because he lives in America, Thomas misses him a lot. When he appears at their doorstep in Scotland he is overjoyed to see him again.

Nellie McElroy[]

Thomas loves his wife very much. He consistently argues with her over their past encounters with the Loch Ness monster, and her pity for it.