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"The Worldwide Privacy Tour"
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Episode no. Season 26
Episode 02
Production no. 2602
Original airdate February 15, 2023
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"The Worldwide Privacy Tour" is the second episode of Season Twenty-Six, and the 317th overall episode of South Park. It aired on February 15, 2023.[1]


The prince of Canada and his wife try to find privacy and seclusion in a small mountain town.[1]


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Plot details follow.

One evening, Ike Broflovski is re-watching the funeral of the Queen of Canada as attended by many Canadian celebrities including the new Prince of Canada and Princess of Canada and crying at the computer. Kyle Broflovski expresses concern that Ike is still mourning and asks to take his turn at the computer to play Darktide with his friends. The next day at South Park Elementary, he apologizes to Cartman, Stan and Kenny for ruining game night, only to find they ended up playing with Tolkien Black instead. Butters, looking on, approaches Kyle and suggests his problem is his 'brand', comparing it to a personal image or a commercial, and reveals he has been visiting a brand management agency, CumHammer Brand Management, to work on his. Kyle accompanies him there and Butters introduces him to his manager, Mr. Davis. Kyle wants to be liked and seen as "cool", and Mr. Davis suggests some 'brands' for him, such as rugged, vegan, compassionate and victim, or sensitive, outdoorsy, frugal or victim. Kyle questions that these don't represent him, and is reminded it's about making his brand attractive.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the new Prince and Princess appear on Good Morning Canada to promote the Prince's new book Waaagh complaining about the Canadian royal family and journalists, expressing their desire to be left alone and be treated like "normal people". The host expresses skepticism, claiming that the Prince has become a journalist and that because of her reality television series and use of social media, that the Princess is disingenuous in claiming she wants privacy. The Prince declares they will leave Canada for good and that they will find somewhere new to live, traveling to France, Italy, India, Australia, New York City, Aspen and several U. S. states, protesting about their desire to privacy on a "Worldwide Privacy Tour", until they decide to move to South Park, hoping to finally have their privacy. They land their private jet on the pavement and move into the Cartman Residence across the street from Kyle's house, with the Prince playing his drums outside and creating noise.

The next morning, Kyle apologizes again for missing out on game night, complaining about the Prince and Princess outside his house, though the other boys have continued to play without him. Kyle promises he is a "reliable, fun-loving, punctual victim" based on his new brand, and promises he is working on himself. During his evening at home, Kyle is trying to watch a tutorial from CumHammer, only for the Prince and Princess outside to set off fireworks, play drums, and sing in protest against the Canadian monarchy, again insisting they need their privacy. Frustrated by their obnoxious behavior, Kyle calls the Park County Police to file a noise complaint, but when he questions them, the Prince tells him to give them their privacy and hit polo balls through his window. When he complains at lunch the next day, the boys admit they are sick of hearing about the royal family from Kyle, who promises to drop the subject, but brings it back up a moment later, causing them to leave.

Kyle goes in for a new brand, and Mr. Davis suggests a "thick-skinned, super cool, nothing bothers him victim" and urges him to stick to this no matter what and avoid going off-brand. He arrives home and finds Canadian posters all over his front door, but decides to ignore it this time, and goes inside to play video games. The Prince and Princess watch from their window, and the Princess quickly tells the Prince that they are being disrespected by him, and the Prince tries to honor her by rubbing his blue penis against the Broflovski's front window, yelling at Kyle to respect people's privacy, but Kyle does not react. The Prince returns home and vows not to let Kyle get away with this.

The next day, Kyle arrives at school dressed in a black shirt, playing up his new brand, winking at other students on his way to see his friends, greeting them and asking if they want to play after school, or not, insisting he would be cool either way and trying to portray himself as unflappable. Intending to thank Butters for connecting him with the brand management company, Kyle asks Jimmy about his new brand, Jimmy tells him that Butters is being beaten by Bebe Stevens outside. On the playground before a large crowd of kids, Bebe is pounding Butters into the snow while he continues to shout insults at her, but Kyle interrupts the fight. Bebe remarks she had been unexpectedly provoked by Butters who just started "talking shit" about her; Kyle tells Butters this is unlike him, but Butters complains that Kyle is interfering with his brand. Frustrated, Kyle threatens to take him back to CumHammer.

Back at the CumHammer building, the Prince and Princess intend to get back at Kyle by changing their brand and see Mr. Davis, revealing they have been using CumHammer's brand management since the Princess was a child. Kyle arrives with Butters to talk to Mr. Davis about Butters' situation, but the Prince and Princess recognize him and accuse him of following them and being "obsessed" with them. Kyle denies this:

"I'm not obsessed with you! It's this stupid place! Don't you see Butters? Teaching people to think of their brand just makes more people like them. This whole thing is wrong. They're telling you guys to reduce yourself into products, instead of people to be truly understood and loved. Don't you guys want people to like you for you, instead of who they want you to be? Look, we all have our faults. God knows I do. But if we just try to present and control an image of us for people to see, then we're just performers, instead of human beings."

The Prince agrees with Kyle's statement and affirms that he feels he has become a product, claiming that if he and the Princess really want to live a normal life, they need to give up on appearing in magazines and on Netflix, assuring her they can do this and not worry about pleasing people, but she becomes non-responsive. He looks inside her and finds nothing, his voice echoing from the emptiness. Kyle and Butters decide to leave, with the other clients of CumHammer following them out against Mr. Davis' warnings, and the Prince choose to follow them, looking back sadly as the Princess remains behind, refusing to join them.

At the Broflovski Residence, Ike is again rewatching the Queen's funeral, and Kyle asks to use the computer so he can play with his friends, expressing worry what they will think of him. Kyle realizes he is worrying about what people will think again and stops, then comforts Ike that he understands things get to him sometimes and it is who he is. He then hears a knock at the door and sees Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Butters, Tolkien and Jimmy who want to play outside instead, noticing Kyle has been going through a lot lately and figuring it would be good to get out of the house, heading to the basketball court. The Prince joins them, asking if he can play as well, and the boys agree; the Prince then pulls his drum set over and plays his music while they continue their game.



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