"The Woman in White" is a musical play written by Randy Marsh in the Season Fifteen episode, "Broadway Bro Down".


Randy discovers the secret subliminal subtext behind a successful Broadway Musical. With the current touring production of Wicked moving from Denver to Seattle, Randy is inspired to create his own musical play by bringing "Broadway to South Park".

He writes and directs the Splooge-Drenched Blowjob Queen, which contains overt not so subtle references to oral sex. The play uses 19th century period costumes consisting of white dresses, men with top hats, black suits, and set in a city park.

This draws the attention of the Broadway Bros, creators of the Broadway musicals. The bros warn Randy his lack of subtlety would expose their carefully-engineered plot to get men blowjobs from their musicals. After a brief "Bro-down" fight, Randy and the bros become friends helping rewrite the script into a more subtle play The Woman in White.

The play was seen in its rehearsal stage with actors. It is unknown if the musical was ever completed.


  • The play is named after a real musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

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