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Un-aired pilot SPS

The notice on saying the episode is no longer available.

  • Trey Parker's first name is misspelled in the intro twice, as "Tre" and "Tres".
  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone credits themselves as "Tupac Schwartz" and "M.C. Goldstein" respectively as episode's writers in the opening credits.
  • The episode was available for viewing on South Park Studios for a limited time, from mid-August to mid-September 2009. It is no longer available for viewing.
  • This and the aired version are the only full length episodes to be animated by stop motion on construction paper.
  • Wendy Testaburger's voice is lower than in the aired pilot. This is likely because Mary Kay Bergman did not voice any of the female characters in "The Unaired Pilot". All of them were instead voiced by Karri Turner.
  • Eric Cartman has a sister and father in this episode. They are absent from the actual series.
  • Nurse Gollum does not have a conjoined fetus in this version. Additionally, she does not appear in the aired pilot; in fact, she did not appear until her debut in the Season Two episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady".

Differences Between "The Unaired Pilot" and "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"

"The Unaired Pilot" most notably features scenes absent from the aired version. It also features some aesthetic differences:

  • The episode was animated with stop motion on construction paper.
  • The opening theme is different and slower
  • Mary Kay Bergman did not voice any of the female characters
  • Mr. Garrison's mouth is lower
  • Mr. Hat's hat covers his eyes

The episode also has scenes that do not appear in the aired version:

  • Mr. Garrison berates Kyle longer; Mr. Hat refers to Kyle as a "little turd". Kyle then says, "Fuck Mr. Hat." Garrison replies, "No, no. Fuck you!"
  • Wendy does not speak to Stan in the lunch line, and he does not vomit.
  • Kyle gets mad at Cartman and Stan for discussing about Wendy because his little brother Ike is missing.
  • Kyle mentions that students are only excused from school if they have a fever. In response Chef supplies the boys with "special extra-hot tamales" to raise their body temperature so they can leave school and rescue Ike.
  • A robot does not emerge from Cartman's rectum in this version.
  • This episode has a scene where the fifth graders force Cartman to eat every "special extra-hot tamales". Only afterward does he start to fart fire.
  • There is a scene where Pip heads down a slide and bashes his head into a swing set pole. It then starts to crack.
  • Cartman goes into the Nurse McGrath's (later named Nurse Gollum in "Conjoined Fetus Lady") office. She does not have "conjoined twin myslexia". She had past experiences of Stan and Kyle faking their illnesses a lot and thought Cartman was not ill. She changed her mind when Cartman farted out fire and excused them from school.
  • When the boys try to persuade Cartman of Kenny's death, the background music cuts off when Cartman says, "No!" In the televised version, the music continues to play until Kyle pulls off Kenny's head.
  • There is not a scene where the Visitors say that cows are the Earth's most intelligent species. The Visitors never intended to mind control the cows.
  • A satellite dish does not emerge from Cartman's anus during the scene where his foot is tied to a tree at Stark's Pond. Instead, Chef shows up and yells at the sky with the boys until the Visitors appear.
Cartman's Original Family - The Unaired Pilot

Cartman's original family.

  • A scene shows Cartman's mother serving dinner to Cartman's father and sister. Mr. Kitty is on the table, covered in ash from Cartman's fiery fart. His father and sister are absent from the television series.
  • Kyle does not mention David Caruso to entice Ike to jump off the Visitors' spaceship.

The ending is entirely different from the aired version:

  • Kenny is revived at the end of the episode. Kyle says to him, "You're looking pretty good, Kenny."
  • Officer Barbrady tries to persuade the boys that there were no Visitors the previous night, Kyle tells him that him and his friends know about what happened.
  • When Officer Barbrady asks about the missing cows, Stan points to the Visitors. They stand off to the side with a barbecue grill, surrounded by the dead cattle. They apparently never intended to give the cows mind control. Barbrady mentioned that the Visitors did not know where the cattle where. He obliviously oversaw the dead cattle surrounding them.
  • Kyle tells Ike again that he cannot come to school with him. He then kicks him, accidentally shattering a window of Cartman's house. Ms Cartman looks out of the window and asked who kicked Ike.
  • The episode ends with Pip, without a cracked head, facing the camera saying, "God bless us, everyone." (a reference to Tiny Tim. Cartman states that after he heals, he will beat up Pip.
  • The closing credits ends with a Brandiff Airlines bumper showing a clip of six naked men from the 1999 short film "Le Petit Package". The words "Brandiff Airlines" obscure the privates as the characters sing the words. That short was developed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker at the same time of "The Unaired Pilot"'s development.
  • A sound clip of Cartman's fart plays in the ending credits after the Comedy Central logo bumper.
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