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The Talk is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


The Coon has ordered you to fill out the Sex/Gender portion of your character sheet. Head over to South Park Elementary to have "The Talk" with Mr. Mackey.


From the church, head left then take the path south. Punch the snow man in front of South Park Elementary to get an Arcane Hat. Then, activate the Fast Travel point to the right before heading inside.

Note: Once inside, take Selfies with Annie and Ashley next to the stairs. Mr. Adler is on the left will, and will only take a Selfie with you if you "stop screwing around." Just don't press any buttons for a few seconds after you request a Selfie from him.

Head in through the hall and enter the Counselor's office to find Mr. Mackey. Here, you can choose your Sex/Gender. You can actually change it whenever you want, too!

Note: Before leaving the school, make sure to loot the gymnasium, where there's another piece of Creek Yaoi Art.

Once outside, the Hillbilly Brigade will attack you, regardless of what gender you chose. You'll get a new Artifact for defeating them. A new main quest will pop up afterwards: The Burrito Whisperer.


  • If the player chooses "Female" as their gender, Mr. Mackey will call the New Kid's parents and queries them about the New Kid's appearance in South Park: The Stick of Truth.
    • If the player subsequently chooses "Transgender", Mr. Mackey will call the New Kid's parents again, making this the only scenario where Mr. Mackey calls in twice.
  • During the fight with the rednecks, when Cleetus is taking Burning damage, he will quote that he is burning like the "Bible bush", a reference to the Burning bush from the Bible's Book of Exodus.

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