"The Succubus"
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Episode no. Season 3
Episode 34
Production no. 303
Original airdate April 21, 1999
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The Succubus is the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of South Park.

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Chef becomes engaged to a seemingly evil woman while Cartman is having a bad time with the eye doctor.


Cartman is forced to go to the eye doctor's and is forced to wear a goofy pair of glasses. He is especially angry at the fact that his doctor constantly makes fun of Cartman's weight.

At lunchtime, Cartman shows up in front of Stan, Kyle and Kenny since he never misses lunch. The boys go in to get their lunch but instead of Chef there is a skinny white guy called Mr. Derp. Mr. Derp is slapstick and stupid which irritates the boys, with the exception of Cartman.

After school, the boys go to Chef's house and discover he is engaged to a woman named Veronica. They discover Chef has quit his job and he has become much more dull.

The next day the boys visit Chef at his new job, he tells Cartman he should get laser corrective surgery for his eyes when Cartman asks for advice. Chef tells the boys he'll meet them after school to play ball.

Chef fails to show up to the anger of the boys who realize something is very wrong.

After class, the boys ask Mr. Garrison for advice. He tells them the woman is probably a succubus, a demon sent from Hell to suck the life out of men and that he just "screws them and leaves them". The boys tell Garrison that he is quite good at advice to his pleasure. Mr. Hat tells him he isn't fooling anybody that he likes women since he is gay.

The boys go to tell Chef that Veronica is a succubus, Cartman is then dragged away by his mom to go for his laser corrective surgery.

When they arrive at Chef's house they are greeted by Chef's Parents who announce he's getting married. They spend the rest of the episode ranting on about their alleged encounters with the Loch Ness Monster. Unfortunately for the boys Chef is too busy to talk.

Cartman has to stay in bed since the eye doctor ruined his corrective surgery. Veronica comes to see him and has baked him a pie. Stan, Kyle and Kenny say they know what she is. Her face suddenly transforms to that of demon and says they cannot stop her. Terrified, the boys realize they have to stop Veronica at all costs.

At the party before the wedding the boys tell everyone that Veronica is a succubus which makes her cry. Chef chases the boys out angrily.

The boys begin to research about a succubus and how to stop them, they discover that to stop her they must sing her song backwards. They figure out her song is "The Morning After" which she constantly sings. The boys learn the lyrics backwards and prepare for the wedding.

At the service, they put the song on to the anger of Chef and Veronica and begin singing the song backwards. She transforms into her demonic form and begins to destroy the church, scaring off most of the attendees. Unfortunately, Cartman's tape recorder jams and when Kenny tries to fix it, the Succubus jumps on Kenny, crushing him. Fortunately, the tape resumes and the boys finish the song, defeating the Succubus and sending her back to the depths of Hell. They apologize to Chef but upon seeing what he almost did, he thanks the boys. Everybody leaves content, but Cartman, still disoriented, asks, "Is Kenny OK?"

At the eye doctor's Cartman gets the eye doctor to give him an eye transplant, from Kenny who has been killed.


  • First appearance of Chef's Parents.
  • This episode is one of the first to strongly hint Mr. Garrison's sexual status as being gay.
  • Chef said the boys would also find love one day, despite evidence in the show that they already had; Stan and Kenny were already in love then, and Kyle falls in love with Rebecca Costwolds (Hooked on Monkey Phonics). Cartman has never had a girlfriend... yet (but see Chef Goes Nanners).
  • Near the end of the episode, the boys supposedly sing "The Morning After" backwards; close examination reveals that it is just gibberish.
  • A Succubus is an actual demon of mythical origin. It is literally a female demon who tempts men into commiting "Acts of sin and fornication.
  • Kenny dies two times in this episode. The first time is when the boys are waiting for Chef (it's not sure if he really died, but he covered with rats like always). The second time is when he was crushed by the Succubus.
  • First appearance of Mr.Derp.
  • In the original Comedy Central commercial for the episode, Mrs. Crabtree was shown as the new Chef.
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