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The South Park Diggities is a dance troupe, created by Stan Marsh, who were challenged by The Orange County Crew to a dance competition in Season Eight episode, "You Got F'd in the A".


After Stan and the boys got "served" at the True-Value parking lot by the Orange County Crew, they went to Chef's house for advice on how they should respond to it. Chef called their parents to inform them about the situation. When Stan returned home, Randy Marsh forced him to learn line dancing, to Billy Ray Cyrus's song "Achey Breaky Heart", in the garage, so that he can defend himself next time.

The next day, the boys encountered the OC Crew, who attempted to "serve" them again, to which Stan dances back with the line dancing his father taught him. A crowd gathered and cheered him on, causing the OC Crew to challenge them to a Dance-Off competition at the Orange County Convention Center. The winner of the competition would win an opportunity to appear in a music video by rapper Lil' Kim.

Stan began to assemble a dance troupe of his own, for the competition, by first asking Michael, who accepts on the basis of being non-conformist relative to his friends. Michael then suggests Yao, who practices dancing everyday on the arcade game called, Dance Dance Revolution. Michael then suggested that they recruit a girl, so they recruited Mercedes, from Raisins.

The last dancer they tried to recruit was Butters, who previously competed in the The National Tap Dancing Championship. Butters declined the offer because of a tragedy occurred at the tap dancing competition, which had put him off dancing forever. Not deterred by Butters declination, Stan and the Diggities were told about a special "dancing duck", named Jeffy, who dances to fiddle music with references to illegal drugs. The South Park Diggities were to be trained by Chef, who believed they had a serious lack of raw talent.

At the Orange County Convention Center, the competition began to heat up as The Orange County Crew started off strong with their organized choreography. When it came time for the South Park Diggities to perform, each member took a turn dancing until Butters' turn was up. Like the tragedy that happened at his previous tap competition, his tap shoe once again flew off, knocking the Klieg lights down onto the The OC Crew members, thus killing them instantly. The South Park Diggities were declared the winners of the competition, but Butters was still upset at the circumstances and tragedy leading to their victory.

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