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  • In Canada, this episode aired on October 19, the birthdays of Trey Parker and Stan Marsh.
  • Kenny appears only briefly in the beginning of this episode.
  • Baahir has a MySpace page, although the minimum age for registration is 13, and Baahir is in the fourth grade.
  • This is the second episode to take place in real time, the first being "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer".
  • As a source of irony and possible commentary on the US school system, when Cartman first meets Bahir in class and starts to walk out, a school poster on the right reads "Skool Rools".
  • In the commentary for this episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone mention how much they loved season 5 of 24. They also mention that the cast and crew of 24 watched this episode and were so stoked, they sent Matt and Trey a prop suitcase nuke a week later.
  • When Mr. Thompson says "everyone in the town of South Park is going to die. Forever." this may not have been him being stupid, but an indirect reference to Kenny dying and being perfectly fine the next episode.
  • While being held hostage, Cartman and Vladimir discuss which country is America's oldest enemy. All the countries that Cartman names were in fact at war with the United States at one point:

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode contains many references to the TV series 24. Some of the references include:
    • Cartman speaking with a harsh voice, demanding to speak only with the president and using torture to get what he wants is a reference to CTU director Jack Bauer.
    • Kyle using his computer and relaying information to Cartman is a reference to CTU intelligence analyst Chloe O'Brian.
    • The use of split screens, an electronic clock counting down with an ominous, pulsating beep and the phrase "The following takes place between..." are common elements seen in every episode of 24.
    • Jittery camera footage and quick zooming are also common elements in 24.
    • The head of the CIA bears a strong resemblance to CTU director Bill Buchanan
    • All the cell phone ringtones are exactly like the CTU one.
    • Kyle's room being absorbed by the CIA and other government agencies is a reference to a Season 5 subplot involving several power struggles, eventually leading to CTU being absorbed by Homeland Security.
    • Vladimir Stolfsky might be a parody of Vladimir Bierko, a 24 character portrayed by Julian Sands.
  • In the scene where Hillary clinton's aide Brian tries to get the snuke from Clinton's vagina, and when he gets eaten is similar to the movie Teeth.
  • Hillary Clinton using a heavy Southern accent when addressing the South Park rally is a reference to an incident that occurred in 2007, where she used a heavy, stereotypical southern accent to address an Baptist church during a campaign stop in Selma, Alabama, leading to accusations of her faking accents to pander to the audience.[1][2][3]
  • Real life bands Blink-182 and The White Stripes are mentioned as being Baahir's favorite.


  • The scene in which the Queen kills herself was somewhat controversial in the UK and was mentioned on various News channels.


  • The layout of the Stotch Residence is seen different in this episode compared to how it was in the episode "My Future Self n' Me", it is displayed with the picture to the right of the door and a window to the left of the door.
  • First appearance of Officer Barbrady since "Erection Day".
  • This episode features the first major appearance of Hillary Clinton, who has an abnormally giant ass. This is a reference to Channel 4 News' "Hillary Clinton's ass just keeps getting bigger." joke in early seasons.


  • When Kyle is on MySpace to search Baahir, his name is spelled "Bahir Habeem", though this could be so MySpace doesn't know that he is an 8 year old child.
  • In this episode, Brian's head is eaten off, but in the end, he is seen to the right of the boys in the background talking.
  • At 12:47:18, in the panel showing Brian getting ready to extract the Snuke, there are two SWAT officers in the room behind the glass panel, one to the right of the female CTU agent and the other in front of the doctor. When that panel takes up the full screen, the SWAT officer in front of the doctor is now replaced by the EOD Leader and the other SWAT officer is between the CTU agents.


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