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"The Snuke"
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Episode no. Season 11
Episode 4
Production no. 1104
Original airdate March 28, 2007
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"The Snuke" is the fourth episode of Season Eleven, and the 157th overall episode of South Park. It aired on March 28, 2007.[1]


While Cartman follows a lead on a possible terrorist attack, Hillary Clinton makes a campaign stop in South Park for a big rally.[1]


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Plot details follow.

During class, Ms. Garrison introduces a new student, Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem. Upon hearing about this, Cartman is freaked out and heads for the classroom door. Ms. Garrison asks what is wrong, and Cartman says he suspects Baahir is a terrorist. Cartman, while observing Baahir playing with Butters, calls Kyle who is sick at home and tells him to check Baahir's Myspace page, looking for any signs of Terrorist activity. All he can find that is odd though is that Baahir's MySpace page says his favorite band is White Stripes, when in class, he said it was Blink-182.

Cartman then calls Officer Barbrady and tells him the school is in danger. Officer Barbrady contacts Principal Victoria and they have the school evacuated. Butters then invites Baahir over to his house to play checkers. Cartman thinks it is odd for terrorists to just blow up a school, and has Kyle search Google for any important upcoming events. Kyle does so and finds out Hillary Clinton is stopping in South Park for a campaign rally that day. Cartman then calls the CIA to tell them to call off the Clinton rally, and orders to speak with the President.

Hillary Clinton is then informed about it but she does not plan to call off the rally and would not be bullied by Terrorist threats. Chris, one of her men, then calls a Russian group in a warehouse and tells them they 'know about the bomb'. It was planned to have detonated in Boston but heightened security because of the threat pushes them to set it off in South Park. Cartman searches the crowd at the rally but does not see Baahir, and decides to head over to his house to see if he is there. At the rally, Hillary Clinton gets on stage and the CIA releases a 'Bomb-sniffing' pig in the crowd. The pig goes onto the stage and discovers the bomb is in Hillary Clinton's vagina.

The CIA head Alan Thompson and his team arrive and meet up with Cartman and they head over to Baahir's house together. Stan heads over to Kyle's house to see what he's doing when Kyle explains to him he did a Google search for Hillary Clinton campaign rally and was led to a YouTube account where a Russian man, Vladimir Stolfsky (the leader of the Russian Terrorists), has videos of every single Hillary Clinton rally. He then cross-referenced his YouTube profile with his MySpace page and discovered, and according to his blog, he is an old school communist. The CIA and Cartman raid Baahir's home but they find no detonator and Baahir isn't there but is rather at Butters' house. Cartman interrogates Baahir's parents and tortures them by farting in their faces.

Kyle and Stan find a bunch of old Podcasts by Vladimir with links to eBay, where they plan to search his user name and see what he's been buying. Homeland Security breaks in though and takes over the room, then the FBI takes over, then ATF takes over, then the President's staff personally takes over. At the interrogation, Baahir's mother gets a call on her cell phone and it is Baahir who tells them he is at Butters' house, and Cartman heads in alone.

Kyle is able to take charge again by using the line every new agency exclaims when taking over: "Not anymore you're not."

When Cartman rushes to Butters' house to confront Baahir, they are both captured by Vladimir who says that all this was planned by the United States' 'first enemy'. Cartman guesses the Russians, then the Germans, then the Germans again, before he realizes in disbelief that Vladimir is talking about the British. Baahir says that the British are using them and Vladimir and his men will die. To which Vladimir responds, "Maybe, but we'll be rich."

The British plan to use the bomb as a means of keeping America distracted while they sail there (in old wood boats with 18th-century weapons and clothing) to 'end the American Revolution'. Not long after, Kyle and the federal agents also discover the British plot. They send in troops to stop the Russians, and jets to stop the British.

When Queen Elizabeth II discovers that the ships have been sunk, she kills herself by placing a handgun in her mouth and firing it.

Cartman takes credit for stopping the terrorist plot, saying that even though Muslims were not at all responsible, his intolerance led towards the plot being discovered. Baahir and his family are getting disappointed about racism in South Park and states that they will leave the country, much to Butters' disappointment which also leads Cartman to take credit for that as well.


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