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  • This is the first episode to focus on Kenny since Season Nineteen's "The City Part of Town".
  • Despite both existing since the show's first season, this episode marks the first time in the series where Kenny and Wendy interact with each other.
  • This episode reveals that, apparently, every kid in South Park Elementary (except for Kenny and his siblings) owns a smartphone.
  • The Halloween version of the opening sequence first used in "Sons A Witches" was not used.
  • The font on the end credits has a green glow around it to go with the Halloween theme.
  • Mr. Mackey made reference to Kenny's absences when he said that they "kind of all forget about him sometimes".
  • Jimmy, Butters, Token and Clyde make plans using a model of South Park . This is the first time in the series that such a map is seen and indeed during the early development of the game South Park: The Stick of Truth, creators Matt and Trey had to map out exactly where all the set locations were.
    • A map of surrounding counties is also seen at the Community Center meeting.
      • All places on this map, except South Park, are indeed existing places in Colorado, although their relative positions are not correctly drawn.
  • Mr. Mackey's frustration with electric scooters is a reference to the issue of the electric scooter-sharing system, which some major cities have banned due to riders creating safety hazards[1] by leaving them haphazardly on the sidewalk or in people yard's and riding them on crowded sidewalks at accelerated speeds. It has also resulted in people vandalizing the scooters in retaliation[2], as Mr. Mackey eventually does in the episode.
  • Various costumes from South Park: The Fractured But Whole can be seen in the process of trick-or-treating. Including:
    • Boulder costume
    • Heatwave costume
    • Majestic costume
    • Boombox costume
    • Skeleton costume
    • Mummy costume
    • Lightning costume
    • Tank costume
    • Heavenly costume
    • Super Guppy costume
    • Snowcat costume
    • Hot Bot costume
    • Netdeck costume
    • Psy Ops costume
    • Spiked costume
    • Bug costume
    • Norse costume
    • Ozone costume
    • Magneteer costume
    • Arcane costume
    • Starchild costume
    • Electropunk costume
    • Raisins costume
  • Liane Cartman's Visa card number is given by Eric, but it begins with an 8. All Visa card numbers in reality begin with a 4.
  • When the children are shown in class with their Halloween costumes on, Timmy appears to be wearing his Mecha Timmy outfit from South Park: Phone Destroyer.
  • Mr. Tweak handing out Three Musketeers to the trick-or-treaters had a different sounding voice between the South Park Studios site and the TV airing compared to the clip on their official South Park Studios YouTube page which he sounded less panicky and lacks the line "We need" as in "We need more Three Musketeers!" even though his lips moves after he says "Oh God!"

References to Popular Culture

  • Wee Cooper O'Fife comes on the radio, which Mr. Mackey sings to.
  • The title and many scenes from the episode, from the scooters on the sidewalk to the scene where scooters crash into Mr. Mackey's car, are a reference to The Birds
  • The scene in which Mr. Mackey is collecting scooters is a reference to a scene in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown where Snoopy sneaks into a Halloween party.
  • Mr. Mackey stealing of the scooters and pushing over a cliff is a reference to The Grinch.
  • The security guard at the phone tower is dressed as Jason Voorhees and is referred to as "Jason" by Mr. Mackey.
  • The font used in Lolly's Candy Factory is similar to the one used in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • One of the candy that Mr. Mackey requested at Lolly's Candy Factory was Hi-Chew, a popular Japanese fruit chew candy by Morinaga & Company.
  • Stephen Stotch tells Ned and Jimbo that he is in costume as Megyn Kelly, who lost her talk show at NBC, due to her comment regarding the appropriateness of blackface as part of a halloween costume, four days before this episode originally aired.
  • When Mr. Mackey tells Jason that he is a counselor and to trust him, Jason gives him a bewildered look. This is a reference to how Jason Voorhees usually targets and kills camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake after he originally drowned due to the camp counselors not paying attention.
  • The framing device, whereby an elderly Kenny narrates an event from his childhood, could be a borrowing from Stand by Me, The Wonder Years or A Christmas Story.
  • Some of the children, such as Cartman, Kyle, and Jimmy, are shown wearing costumes that resemble characters from the popular video game Fortnite, which was previously mentioned by Cartman in "Dead Kids".



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