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"The Scoots"
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Episode no. Season 22
Episode 05
Production no. 2205
Original airdate October 31, 2018
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"Tegridy Farms" "Time To Get Cereal"
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"The Scoots" is the fifth episode of Season Twenty-Two, and the 292nd overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 31, 2018.[1]


The kids plan to use the latest revolution in mobility to get more candy on Halloween than they have ever gotten before.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The episode starts with narration from an unknown person, who speaks about the wonders of October. People are shown getting decorations and pumpkins ready for Halloween. Mr. Mackey walks out of his house and trips over an E-Scooter. He asks his neighbor about the scooter, who reveals that no-one knows where they came from.

On Main Street, the boys are fascinated by these scooters, and Stan tries it out. Kyle realizes the boys can use these to trick or treat even faster and tells the others to download the app. Kenny reminds him that he doesn't have a phone, but Kyle reassures him that they will work something out.

Mr. Mackey goes to Lolly's Candy Factory to buy candy for Halloween. On the way in, he notices a number of e-scooters right outside. He asks Lolly about them, who just tells him they are more convenient, but Mr. Mackey says he prefers cars and doesn't want the future to be "scooting". When he leaves, he finds more scooters have appeared.

Kenny arrives at Cartman's house with his new pail. Cartman brings him in to have a talk, where the boys tell him that without a phone, he'll just slow them down and tells him to trick or treat with someone else. Kenny leaves, rejected.

Mr. Mackey drives down the road, listening to Wee Cooper O'Fife. He spots people scooting on both sides of his car, then one person scoots right in front of him. People scoot right into his car, damaging it. Mackey tries to drive on among the hordes of scooters.

At Clyde's house, Clyde, Jimmy, Tolkien, and Butters are planning for Halloween. Kenny comes along to ask if he could trick or treat with them, but Clyde reveals they plan to use e-scooters, so Kenny can't come.

At night, Mr. Mackey sneaks around town, stealing all the scooters. He puts them in the back of his car and throws them all off a cliff. The next day, he wakes up to find scooters in his bedroom and his bathroom. He goes outside to find more scooters than ever in the neighborhood.

In the school cafeteria, Kenny asks the girls if he can trick or treat with them, while the boys and Clyde's gang discuss Halloween. Cartman lets slip that they are using scooters, leading to an argument between all the kids, who are planning to use scooters. Kenny leaves rejected again.

At the Park County Community Center, Harrison Yates is speaking to the town about the scooters. He tells them that the kids in the town, plus the neighboring towns, will be trick or treating on the scooters, warning that each house will need $6000 worth of candy. Stephen Stotch asks why they don't just get rid of them, but Mr. Mackey tells them they can't. He then berates the town for using scooters instead of cars. The town then runs out to get candy. Mr. Mackey heads to Lolly's shop, where people are running out. He goes in to find there's no candy left. He tries to buy some at Food 4 Little, but with no luck.

At school, all the kids, barring Kenny, are in class, dressed up, ready to trick or treat. Kenny visits Mr. Mackey's office for counseling. Mackey questions why Kenny is the only person who doesn't want to scoot and Kenny tells him that he can't scoot without a phone. The two then realize, by taking out the phone tower, they can stop the scooters.

Stephen and Linda Stotch visit Tegridy Farms to escape from the trick or treaters, but Randy tells them that the trick or treaters still come to the farm. Stephen asks for candy but is rejected. In the car, he tells Linda his plan to trick or treat and get candy for them.

The bell rings at school, and all the kids run out to get the scooters. They fight each other for the scooters and then ride off for treats. Soon, the town is overloaded with trick or treaters, with the adults struggling to feed them all.

On the road, more trick or treaters ride in, which are passed by Mr. Mackey and Kenny in their car. Mackey complains to Kenny about them, before telling him he's a good kid and could make a good counselor.

At Jimbo and Ned's Residence, Jimbo and Ned are struggling to feed the crowds of trick or treaters. Stephen rides up to trick or treat, claiming to be dressed as Megyn Kelly. The boys struggle to trick or treat, having collected too much candy. The three pull over to eat as much as they can. The Park County Police Force is also haunted by the trick or treaters and discover that New York has now run out of candy.

Kenny and Mr. Mackey make it to the phone tower, but they are stopped by the security guard, who is dressed as Jason Voorhees. He believes they are trick or treaters and refuse to let them through until Mr. Mackey reveals he is a counselor. Kenny climbs up the tower to throw a chain over it. Mackey then pulls the tower down with his car.

The trick or treaters stop, having lost signal. The kids walk around, lost without their phone. Mr. Mackey returns to give counseling to those adults affected, while Kenny, who is revealed to be the narrator, tricks or treats with his friends like normal. In narration, he says that this was the last good Halloween before an e-scooter wakes up and rides off.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "The Scoots" a "A-" rating saying: "With the one-two punch of this episode and “Tegridy Farms,” South Park is hitting the halfway point on a solid winning streak, and giving us ample reason to be excited for the second-half. After the meandering of “The Problem With A Poo,” the last two episodes have had sharp humor, and a notably lighter touch in making their points. Here’s to hoping the sure-footed vibe can continue for the stretch run, and South Park can deliver one of its best seasons since the show’s early-to-mid 2000s peak."[2]

IGN gave "The Scoots" a "7.8" rating saying: "While not the best Halloween-themed South Park episode, "The Scoots" certainly has its moments. The e-scooter storyline is a bit repetitive at first but eventually has great payoff after a candy-fueled apocalypse sweeps over South Park. The heavy focus on Kenny also helps this episode stand out, especially in light of how little he's been a big player in recent years"[3]


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