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The Samaritan Agenda is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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The Freedom Pals need your help! Meet them at the South Park Senior Center.


Doctor Timothy gives you a call. You need to meet the Freedom Pals at the South Park Senior Center. Here, Tupperware and Wonder Tweek are waiting for you. As you enter, you are ushered onto the stage to put on a performance. Press the button prompts to play your instruments. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, the senior citizens will become enraged, eventually finding out the identity of the New Kid. You must fight them in order to leave.

Here, your combat allies are restricted to Wonder Tweek, Tupperware and Professor Chaos. You will need to get each of your characters to reach the indicated area on the other side of the elderly. Only getting one character over there will not be enough, you need to get all of your (living) characters to the other side. Although most of the senior citizens have only one tile Move radius, their sheer numbers makes it difficult to escape. As the old people gets defeated, more will join in the battle as replacements. To make things worse, these senior citizens pack quite a punch.

There are four types of opponents in this battle:

  • The Ol' Bomber has 450 health. Their ability, the Colostomy Bag, can be thrown within a 3-tile range and cause Grossed Out status effect.
  • The Ol' Swarmer has 180 health with two tiles Move radius. Their ability, Didn't See You There, involves ramming their wheelchair onto the opponent for heavy damage.
  • The Ol' Bruiser has 630 health. Their ability is named Punch Some Sense which deals heavy damage with knockback.
  • The Ol' Blocker has 630 health and carries two abilities, Melee and Block.

If you only have two characters alive and they are both in the safe zone, the fight will finish. Focus on getting two of your characters into the zone while attacking the elderly from behind with the other two. Be sure to stay on the offensive, always moving forward when possible. Achieve victory to receive the Seal of Freedom artifact and the Elder Maw Recipe.

Now head to your next mission, Origins 4: The Omega Prologue.


  • The performing story seems to be a reference to the Retirement Home Shorts.
  • After the performance, an old woman would claim that the New Kid is taking away their Percocet. Percocet is a brand of prescription medicine used to treat severe but short-term pain.
  • Although Professor Chaos is a compulsory combat buddy, he is not featured in the mission storyline itself.
  • The mission takes place in the South Park Senior Center, yet the special objective during combat reads "Escape Shady Acres".
    • In addition, one of the senior citizens may call out "That's what you get for messing with the Shady Acres crew!"
    • The front desk also has a sign that says "SHADY ACRES".
    • This seems to be a leftover design choice from the other builds.
  • When attacked, an old woman may call out "Nurse! Get ready to call a code blue!". Code blue is a term used in hospitals when someone requires immediate medical attention, usually from cardiac arrest.
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