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"The Ring"
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Episode no. Season 13
Episode 1
Original airdate March 11, 2009
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"The Ring" is the first episode of the 13th season (episode 1301) and the 181st overall episode of South Park. It is set to air on March 11, 2009[1].

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Plot details follow.


Thinking it's his way into her heart and other body parts, Kenny takes his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers concert. His dream of taking their relationship to the next level is crushed with the Jonas Brothers giving them purity rings.


Despite being described as Kenny's first "real" girlfriend, this is actually his second following on from Kelly who he met at Getting Gay With Kids' choir tour during "Rainforest Schmainforest"[2]. She remained in contact after he left the choir as well as referenced in "Spontaneous Combustion"[3], but this episode reveals they have been broken up for some time.

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  2. Episode 301 - "Rainforest Schmainforest" - original airdate April 7, 1999
  3. Episode 302 - "Spontaneous Combustion" - original airdate April 14, 1999

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