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  • This is the first episode of South Park to be broadcast in 1080i high-definition format.
  • This is one of three post-rebirth episodes that focus on Kenny, the other two are "Major Boobage", and "Best Friends Forever".
  • A clip from this episode is used as Kenny's lines for the opening theme for Season Fourteen, Season Fifteen and Season Sixteen.
  • Kenny purchased a box of condoms for protection when Tammy Warner gave him a B.J. The condoms failed, which we know because Kenny died of syphilis shortly after.
  • In the commentary for this episode, Trey Parker mentions that the line "My 'giney tickles" that one of the girls says during the concert came from a Comedy Central employee who took her 8 year old daughter to see the Jonas Brothers, which later caused the daughter to say "Mommy, my 'giney tickles". He found it hilarious and worked the exact line into the episode.
  • Jenny Simons and Esther are both at the concert.
  • On the door, there is a chart with upcoming events. They are:
    • 3/09 - The Jonas Bros.
    • 3/09 - Felines
    • 3/09 - Broncos vs. Raiders
    • 4/09 - Nuggets vs. Lakers
    • 5/09 - ABBA MIA!!
    • 6/09 - TRUCKAMANIA
    • 6/09 - THE XXX GAMES
    • 7/09 - The Stinky Britches Tour
    • 7/09 - Promise Keepings
    • 7/09 - Dino Walkabout
  • In Latin America Kenny's voice is clearly heard from this episode, this may be due to having leading roles they decided to have understandable dialogues.

References to Popular Culture

  • The title sounds like a somewhat reference to the American remake of Ringu of the same name, The Ring.
  • Pop-rock band, the Jonas Brothers are parodied in this episode. At the time this episode originally aired, they were known for being on The Disney Channel and appealing to tweens, while promoting purity rings.
    • The songs playing during the episode were parodies of the Jonas Brothers' real songs Burnin' Up, When You Look Me in the Eyes and S.O.S.
    • In 2016, Nick and Joe Jonas commented on the show in two separate AMA (Ask Me Anything) threads on Reddit. Both admitted that they enjoyed the episode after finally watching it, with Joe finding the scene of him getting beaten up by Mickey Mouse particularly funny.[1][2]
  • Mickey Mouse and the Walt Disney Company are featured heavily, with the former having previously appeared in Imaginationland. Mickey also uses his well-known "ha-ha" laugh at the end of most of his lines, in reference to his real-life appearances, and when he is shown as a large fire-breathing float it is a reference to his appearance as a float in places such as Disneyland.
  • The episode also addresses the affinity of young girls for teen idols such as the Jonas Brothers, with this being heavily parodied in scenes which also contain sexual innuendo such as the Jonas Brothers spraying their female audience at their 3-D concert with white foam.

The posters containing parodies of well-known stage productions.

  • The parody posters at TicketMaxx include:
  • Both Grey's Anatomy and the online DVD rental service Netflix, are both parodied in this episode, being used as the newfound interest of "boring" couples practicing celibacy due to their purity rings. Grey's Anatomy is seen having a powerful hold over Kenny at one point in the episode, as it is the only thing he will respond to.
  • During the funeral scene where Cartman says that he tried to warn Kenny about what he said earlier, Kyle continues with "Now we know." and Cartman responds with "...and knowing is half the battle." while looking at the audience. This parodies the 1980s' cartoon series, G.I. Joe:A Real American Hero, which typically featured animated public service announcements ending with the catchphase, "...and knowing is half the battle."
  • When the boys find Kenny in the book store, a poster can be seen in the back advertising "The Catcher in the Rough", a parody of The Catcher in the Rye, which would later be mentioned in the episode The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.
  • When Kenny returns from the concert with his purity ring, Cartman makes a comment about "BJ McKay and his best friend Bear". This is a reference to the late 70's NBC TV show B. J. and the Bear.


  • Despite being described as Kenny's first "real" girlfriend, this is actually his second following on from Kelly who he met at Getting Gay With Kids choir tour during "Rainforest Shmainforest"[3]. She remained in contact after he left the choir as well as referenced in "Spontaneous Combustion".[4]
  • During the concert when the young girls are seen getting aroused by the Jonas Brothers, we see a glimpse of Mr. Slave as well as his catchphrase "Ooh, Jesus Christ!" as he masturbates, marking his first appearance since Season Nine's "Follow That Egg!"[5], noticeably his civil partner Big Gay Al is absent from the scene. Even though, Matt and Trey stated after "Follow That Egg!" that they planned to retire Mr. Slave.
  • Also present is the baby Chantal who appeared on the Maury Povich show in the episode "Freak Strike".
  • You can see one of the Queef Sisters on a poster after Kenny buys concert tickets.
  • When Kenny buys the tickets for the concert one of the upcoming events is "Stinky Britches". This was a song that Chef wrote and was heard in "Chef Aid"[6] as well as "Prehistoric Ice Man"[7].
  • When Kenny looks out of the window he sees Kyle, Stan and Cartman toilet-papering a house. They, along with Kenny, TP'ed a house before and got in trouble for it in "Toilet Paper".
  • A few of the girls in the audience were the exact same girls in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset".
  • This is Kenny's first death since "The List".
  • Mickey Mouse makes his debut as a character, previously only seen as a crude, both literally and figuratively, drawing in "Eek, A Penis!".


  • Tammy Warner is continually referred to as a slut throughout the episode. While it is correct in the modern sexual sense of the word, using it to refer to a single incident is a typical shaming behavior rather than proper use of the word.
    • Historically speaking, the word "slut" was originally derived from the term "slutte", meaning dirty, poor, and likely slovenly, which Tammy Warner coincidentally actually is. It was also used to refer to both men and women, although the former phased out over the course of the 15th century.
  • In the scene where Kenny spoke to Tammy about going to T.G.I. Friday's, Tammy's face is a different color than her hands. The loop in her top where you see her skin is a different color as well.

The Jenny Simons Error

  • Jenny Simons is seen in two places at once, with her family getting ready to watch the Jonas Brothers' concert as well as in the audience during the concert. It is likely that one of them is a look-alike.
  • When Kyle passes the basketball to Token, the net expands briefly as if the ball made into the basket.

Kenny's Death

This episode marks Kenny's first death since Season Eleven's "The List"[8].

Kenny's death occurs at the end of the episode after Kenny and Tammy decide to finally stop wearing the purity rings. Having tried to get a blowjob from her through the entire episode after having learned that she did one for a boy behind TGI Fridays, she invites him to go there with her to his delight. In the next scene we see his funeral, with Priest Maxi acknowledging the dangers of Syphilis which Kenny contracted during oral sex with Tammy, even though they used protection. This backs up Cartman's claim earlier in the episode that girls' mouths are the most disgusting place on Earth. We do not learn of Tammy's fate, but she did not appear at the funeral.


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